The Day After Tomorrow| Short Story

The day after tomorrow is important. I start my new life. The life I was meant to have from the start. I will be reborn to socialites that have quite a lot of money. I will be raised as a spoiled brat who no one really wants to be with them except for money. I will have so much money. It will be amazing. In two days I will live a life I deserve.

The day after tomorrow is her due date. I will have a younger sister who will grow up as a spoiled brat who deserves a loving family. My mother remarried after my father died. She married a man who owns many restaurants. He doesn’t even like me. He forgot I exist. Even my mom forgot.

Tomorrow is the day I will be born! How exciting! I can’t wait to live a professional, rich life of capitalism and money. I will be an amusing child, and when I grow up I will be a sexy, smart, and beautiful women.

My sister should be born tomorrow. I hate her already. Her father’s an ass. Her mother is forgetful. How will she even live? I won’t help my mother raise another child, again I already lost my brother and sister to that woman. I won’t risk another. That child will live with knowing that none of her family cares about her.

I have been born. How great is this? I’m surrounded by my family and all attention is on me. But who is that? In the background? That tall figure… He looks familiar.

“Her name is Natasha Margaret Carlisle.” My mother says. How cute. She practically named her after Nathaniel, my brother. The one who died because of her drunken mistake. Just like dad.

Who is that tall man? Do I have a brother? He doesn’t look like daddy. Did they adopt him? “Jared, Daniel isn’t here. Please come meet your sister. I know you hate him, but don’t deprive her of having a sibling. He didn’t even want her.” What? Daddy didn’t want me?

“Why? Just so you don’t have to feel bad about Nate? Yeah, right. He doesn’t want me near her. Why’d you name her the female version of his name?” “Next week would be his birthday. He’d be ten. It would be an amazing birthday present for him.” “If he were here with us, yeah.”

I had another brother? “O’Connor, get away from my daughter. She doesn’t need you in her life. She will own my company, not you.” “Trust me, I don’t want it,” Jared says. Is that daddy? He’s so mean to brother. I wonder why. Jared doesn’t have the same name as me. I have Carlisle, he has O’Connor. Does he have a different dad? “Don’t talk to your stepfather like that. I don’t need to pay for your college experience, y’know.” “No, dad. You don’t, but my mom is making you. So I can move away from you.” “Well, Jared. I may as well give you money, it’ll be good for Natasha. She won’t have your negativity in her life.” “Oh, I’m not the one she doesn’t need. If my dad and brother were alive, she wouldn’t be your daughter.” I will never love daddy.

“If your father were alive, you’d still be living in that shithole you guys called a ‘home’.” I will never love that man.


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