My Birthday is a coming!|| Life Adventures

Hey, guys. Just updating you guys on my usual life. I have a couple things to talk about so here goes nothing!

So, I’ve been writing a lot, so that’s good. I’m just starting to write Chapter 3 of my Mars novel, so that’s pretty cool. I think it’s coming along well, and once I feel more comfortable with what I’m writing, I want to glimpse it to you guys. Or would you prefer to read the chapters as I complete them? Let me know! I know some of you are really into my writing and would love to read it sometimes.

I bought a book a couple days ago, and I feel like I should do a review on it because it’s YA Horror/Thriller. I feel like you book reviewers would enjoy the book (if it’s good lol).

But other than that, all I’ve been doing is school, homework, and work. I know, I know. It’s so boring. BUT!! Saturday night, one of my friends is throwing a Murder Mystery party. I’m in charge of goody bags. SO!! When the party happens, I’ll take my camera to the party and take as many pictures or small videos as possible.

That’ll be a fun post to write. Just wait and see…


-Until we meet again…


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