Locked In A Room|| Sleeping In The Attic

“Go right ahead,” Panther says as she leads you to the door. “Here’s the key. there’s a door at the top of the stairs. I’ll be right up with a pillow and fresh blankets.” She hands you the key. You two part ways as you walk up the stairs to the attic.

A couple minutes later, Panther walks into the room. “Hey, Dakota?” “Yeah?” you respond from a dusty rocking chair. “What’s your plan here? What are you going to do?” She says as she walks towards you. “I guess I can help you fight off your parents or maybe the prison.” You take the blankets and pillow over to an old bed. “It would most likely be my parents. If they found out you were here, they would murder me.” “Well, why don’t you move to my city with me? It’s pretty far away from here.” You begin making a bed for yourself. “My children exist, you know. My parents wouldn’t let me leave if they were going with me.” “Sneak out. Barleyville is a nice homey village. I could accept you into my home until you find one for yourself. I’m sure Opal wouldn’t mind.” “Opal? Is she your wife?” “Cat. I’m a traveling merchant. Don’t really have time for a family.” You fluff the pillow and Panther just stands there. “I’ll bring you some food later. I don’t have an answer for that offer yet. I’ll let you know. Are you sure you can handle a woman that’s being hunted with two children?” She smiles at you. “Yes, I promise.” “Okay. Now, how will we get my family away from my parents? By sneaking out at night? Or just gun-hoing it, by in the middle of the day?

Day? Or Night?

What will you choose?



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