A Year In Review: 2017

Last year, I wasn’t a serious blogger, I was just spewing unwanted emotions to whoever would listen. This year, I wanted to become better for my readers. Now, I have content that I enjoy writing, I produce quickly, and that people enjoy. I have made many mistakes this past year, and I do feel bad for them and I want to grow past them. I’m not that person, anymore.

So, let’s get to the actual review part.

From what I remember, I was in an okay place in the beginning of the year. Nothing bad really happened, until May. May was one of the worst months of my life. Friends of mine found my blog and now I’m not friends with them hehe.

After May, I had a job, I graduated, I was happy with my friends. Once September came around, I started college and I moved in with my boyfriend.

 I guess now we’re up to speed to where we are now: the fall/winter?

I got good grades in all my classes, so I’m excited to see what happens next term. My next classes start on the 8th. Earlier in the month I decided to actually get my own blog plan, if I can afford it, so traffic is great right now lol. 

Work wise, I need a new job. I’m not getting enough hours to pay my bills. I’ve been applying to places, but I just need to look again and try my best. 

Now, I’m just living life the best I can. 

I hope this incoming January will bring new goals, new jokes, and more great things in my life ❤️

Peace out✌️


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