My Goals for 2018

So, I know this is a little late, but I wanted a small hiatus from blogging.

I have an okay amount of goals for this year. Not too impossible, but not too easy. I want to challenge myself a bit more this year. I want to become more of the person I want to be. So, with that, let’s get onto these goals!!

1. Work Out

Everyone puts this on their goals, so I’m a tad basic. I have my reasons, though. I need more leg and arm strength in general. During high school, I suffered from knee pain due to my thighs not having enough strength. I also have bad posture because I have Tendonitis in my right shoulder and can feel it in my left.TLDR: I am a smol weak bean.

2. Finish my card game

This has been a longterm project that I would love to finish this year. Right now, all I can do is playtest it, and with school coming back around for me, it looks like it’s not going to happen soon.

3. Finish my novel

I have been wanting to do this for years, now. Anytime I have a good idea for a novel, I get maybe 2 or 3 chapters in and then lose the motivation to continue on. I cannot tell you how many unfinished or undeveloped novels I have and I desperately want to do this. For the sake of my SANITY.

4. Improve the blog

Now, you probably were expecting for this to be number 1, weren’t you? lol. There are so many thoughts running through my head when I think about this site. I want to do so many things for you guys that can open my thoughts and me to the world, but I am terrified that my past will jump back out at me and ruin my small amazing community that I have built for almost 2 years(August 29th yooo)! I haven’t fully decided on it, but I was thinking about relaunching the youtube channel with some friends of mine(because they want to) and have each other upload whatever we want on ‘our days’ (more deets to come!). I also was thinking about Starting a facebook page, or an Instagram profile(with the IG algorithm all wonky rn, probably not lol). Another thing I want to do is make my site more unique rather than just ‘look at me, I’m just another book/beauty/lifestyle blogger with a WordPress site, but I don’t know what to do just quite yet, so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

When I first started blogging in the fall of 2016, I never thought how much it would change my self-image. Now, all I want to do is make it a full-time career, my mind, my body, and my soul. I want to be more expressive with you guys. I want to announce to the world how amazing my blog is, not just have 2-3 friends know about it.

Have a good day! Become a follower! Support me!

Peace out!


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