Writing About Nothing? A rant I guess

Hey, guys. How’s it going? My new year’s resolution to be a better blogger has slacked a little bit, but you know. What can you do? I have to work, go to class, and do my homework. That’s not counting the time I have to clean my room or do my laundry. I really only have a day and a half to where I can sit and do nothing.

Sometimes, I really wish I could fully support myself form the blog so I don’t have to work. But with me slacking, my goal of being a full time, loving what I do, and maybe even getting paid blogging goals will not happen.

Last year, I hit 100 followers. I know some people grow less, but this usually happens in my life. Where on my personal twitter I have 50ish followers. This is why I want to be more social so I can make more friends. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about deleting my personal one. But then my friends would want to follow my blog one and I can’t handle that yet.


I need some help ;-;

Peace Out?


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