Why I Love Ferrets.

Can I just say a couple things before I start this? Great, thanks.

I wanna die aaa

Incoming Q&A!! Please comment questions or tweet them to me!! 🙂

For most of my life, I have loved cats. I had a multitude of stuffed animals of them. When my family got one, I fell in love (I still love him, he’s just a little anger ball). I loved cats.

Until one day.

I can’t remember that one day, I only know that I began to love ferrets around the fall of 2016. I had wanted one so bad, but I didn’t have money to care for it, and cat+ferret does not bode well when your cat chases field mice and shrews around.

Around this time last year, Gage (bf if you didn’t know) and his younger brother were at a fundraising event (for our band trip to Disneyland). They were selling doughnuts outside of a coffee place. Well, a lady came by with a couple of ferrets and he sent me some pictures of them. I started to cry. I just magically fell in love with these little fuzzbutts and someone in my city owned three.

Months passed as my love of these tubesnakes grew.

Once I started college, I moved in with Gage and his family for an easier commute (I don’t have a license yet). One day, Gage and I were hanging out with friends and we went to a pet store in a neighboring city. When we got there, they had puppies, kittens, snakes, tortoises, and more. I went straight to where they kept the ferrets. I couldn’t play with them, due to them being played with a lot. I could only look, not touch. There was only one of them awake. I poked my finger at it through the barrier. It scratched its little claws at me, wanting out.

Well, two days later, I bought that same ferret and named her Bean.

I have talked about Bean MANY times before, but there are some people that might have not seen her yet!

This is my Beanie!


She is 7, almost 8 months old. I got her when she was 4 months old. She’s a crazy, hungry, sleepy noodle! We have tried and tried again to keep her off our desks (doesn’t work). She can’t be out when we’re eating (she likes to steal things like fast food straws out of cups).  And she just won a battle with fleas!! The only treats she will eat aren’t the healthiest for her, but she doesn’t care.

I love my little furbutt, and I hope to get more friends for her to play with.

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Peace out.



2 thoughts on “Why I Love Ferrets.

  1. ooooooooooh and for your Q&A my questions are:
    If you didnt name ur ferret beanie, what would it have been called?
    If you had kids what would you name them?
    if you could go back in time in your life and change 3 things what would they be?


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