New In March!

Hey, my dudes!(guess what your new name is lol) It’s time for an update post on what I’m doing behind the scenes. I have some ideas on what I want to do, but they aren’t fully-formed yet, so we’ll see. As the months change, I want to change what I post for you guys. It’ll pretty much be me changing what I do every month, but still keeping the other segments for other months. So, I’ll be telling you what is going up next month!

First things first, I’m going to start a writing segment where I post some of my writing every Wednesday (Writing Wednesday hehe). I’ll probably give tips and tricks about writing, some short stories, and some progress on my WIPs.

Next, I want to add segments on why I love some things (the first post should have already come up by the time this does, so I can’t post a link to it! Sorry!) They’ll pretty much be me explaining the backstory and history of each thing and tell you how I grew to love each item.

lastly, I’ll be posting random posts like Q&As, interviews,  and guest post, so

hit me up if you want to be on here for any reason above^^

With these new segments for each month, I’ll be going on a schedule, with 2 posts a week! One on Wednesday and one on Saturday with those random posts mixed in there.

One thought on “New In March!

  1. Ooh look at me! I’m in the comments now! Just letting you guys know that I’ll be doing other things, not just these specifically! I looooove you! :p


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