Blog Content Crisis

I might be having a crisis of what I want to post.

I have ideas and things that would be good. I guess I can’t trust myself fully? I guess what I’m trying to say that I want to change my content every month but I have a feeling that I would be losing some of my followers here. I even have lists are charts for the content itself.


See? I’ve been working so hard, and I am proud of myself. But I feel like it’s all for nothing if my followers won’t read any of it.

I’m having a blog crisis.

You could say it’s kind of like a midlife crisis but I don’t want to waste my time lol.

So, please excuse the decluttering of what’s to come, and I hope you enjoy the blog’s content for the rest of the month but you’re might have to do something for me.

I’m setting up a poll for what you will see.

It’s pretty much going to say: “do you want this or this? Or this and that? Or do you just want to see what I usually post?”

Please, please, PLEASE try and vote on it! It’ll help me a lot!

I hope you guys follow up with me!





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