Testing My DNA With 23andMe!

This is not sponsored. I just wanted to do it.

Hey guys! Instead of doing a Writing Wednesday today, I figured we could do something more exciting! So, in November I decided to get my DNA tested. I’ve heard and seen a lot about 23andMe and I was willing to take a shot. They have two types of plans 1. Ancestry and 2. Health and ancestry. I just went the ancestry one because I’m broke and these things are Expensive.

So, let’s talk about my DNA, shall we?

On to The Good Stuff!

I have always known that I am German, Irish, and British. Well, I have gotten a few surprises.

To start off, I am super white. 99.7% European (a.k.a Superwhite).

I’m pretty much just European, but I wasn’t expecting African. Listed below is the site and what amount of Europe I am.

I am:

  • French and German
    • This is just German. I am not French. But I wouldn’t be surprised either way
      • I know this is mainly German because my great grandpa came from Germany around 1900.
  • British and Irish
    • I somehow know that I am related to John Smith??
    • one of my great grandpa’s from my mom’s side came from Ireland.
  • I am Polish from my mom’s side so that’s where the Eastern European came from.
  • Didn’t know I was Balkan
  • I’M JEWISH??????
Screenshot (21)

These results didn’t really surprise me. I knew I was white, and I’m fine with that. What I didn’t know was that I’m a little Jewish. I’m not going to go celebrate Hannukah though.

You guys can see the very small amount of Native American and East Asian in the picture above. When I clicked on it, I got the surprise of a lifetime.


Whatever that is.

So, I had a friend Google it. The results were pretty similar to what the picture said.

Screenshot (22)
I’m Yakut??

Pretty much, it was/is a tribe of Turkic people. It’s kinda similar to neanderthal Russians.

Another surprise was that they couldn’t pinpoint .1% of me. I guess I have a teeny bit of Alien DNA in me.

I knew I was too weird for Earth.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading up on my DNA and where my ancestors came from! I recommend doing this if you have the money! It was so much fun looking at this!

Enjoy your days!



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