Looking Back: A Year Ago

Last year, I was different. This time specifically, I was dealing with blog and friend drama. A year has come and gone and I would love to analyze how I am compared to 2017. Let’s begin

MRW I am finally able to post - Imgur

2017- A Year of Shit.

  • Money
    • In the beginning of the year (Jan-April) I was broker than a broken stick. No money. Not a lick of it. I was hired late May for a sandwich company in the US which—I was paid well in the summer when I was getting like 20 hours a week. Throughout the rest of the year, I got lesser and lesser hours, ending with 12 by the time I “quit”.
  • Career
    • For all of 2017, I wanted to become an author. I wanted to get a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing. But, some things changed for me this year.
  • School
    • I was in high school. I lost a couple friends. After graduation, I lost more. I ended up with only staying with five, including Gage.
  • Home
    • Up until August, I lived at home with my parents, grandfather, and cat. It didn’t bother me that much. After August, I moved in with Gage and his family, not because I hated living in my old hillbilly town. I wanted to be an adult. I wanted to live my own life. Also because Gage can drive and I still have my permit. (I’m getting closer to my license, I swear)
  • Life
    • I was less happy then as I am now. Mentally, I grew to hate myself to the point where I’d say hateful things to myself in my head and let them stew there.
    • This was also when I got Bean early November.

2018- A Year of Good?

  • Money
    • Y’all, I have a good job. It pays the same, but I have the chance to have overtime.
    • I may only bag groceries and push carts, but it’s better than dealing with people say stuff like “You forgot tomatoes on my sandwich!”
    • I also have a credit card, so that’s fricken cool.
  • Career
    • I want to be a blogger, a board game creator, and a web designer.
    • I’m going to be getting a one-year certificate from my community college this time next year (hopefully)
  • School
    • Web Design soon. Right now, I have History of Rock&Roll, Computer Science, and Math
  • Home
    • Right now, living with Gage. Bean’s doing great btdubs. Next spring, we plan to move down south so Gage and our friend can finish their degrees while I work and take care Bean and Ryuji the fish. ( I don’t have a picture of Ryuji, but here’s Bean) 



  • Life
    • Mentally, I’m still bogged down, but I have people I can talk to who support me. I’m traumatized by my past mistakes and I may never get over them, but I have to move on.


As we all go through life, we have good days and bad days. It doesn’t matter how things go, it’s how you can move on, change your ways, learn to be a better person. You may lose a job, friends, and even family. Those good memories, good people, and animals are what you need in your life to be a better person, develop sweeter, grow happier as time goes on.

You change how you are, not the others around you. No one can change you. You are you.



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