Kickstart My Life pt.1: Exercising

My life has gotten to the point where either I’m at school, at work, or sitting in my room. Some people actually have to nerve to ask me to go places. Man, what if I just want to sit at home and relax, man!

This year has bee somewhat eventful for me. I started learning to drive (my permit expires in August), scheduled my driver’s test, got a new job, and I have committed my career to being a full-time blogger (hopefully).

I’m even getting my plans for moving out with my boyfriend and our best friend ready, so I’ll we’ll have to do is find a place that will accept us and Bean.

As the year goes on, I’ve completed most of my new year’s resolutions, but there’s always one that I have to do.

The one no one likes starting. The one where you have to forfeit your time and sleep for.


I know it’s not a big deal to some, but I’ve been trying to revolutionize my life since I graduated high school- and next month, it’ll be a year.

What have I done to show that I’m a better person now?

I still dress the same (mostly), I still hang out with some of the same people.

This is the one thing that I need to left to kickstart my new life after one year of no high school.

My Actual Diet

I practically eat garbage. I know how to cook easy things (mac and cheese isn’t actually too healthy yall lol), and I drink 1, Dr. Pepper, a day, but I would like to cut it out either entirely or one small can a week. I need more essential food vitamins and etc. so I need to eat more meat, veggies, and fruit. I also have to cut out all of the fast food. So, I must say goodbye to McDonald’s and Dairy Queen.

The Exercise Part


Gage also needs to lose weight, so he’ll be joining in on my diet and exercise. He plans on running (hopefully) every day before work/school.

I’m a noodle of a person so, I want to build all of my muscle.

So, my plan so far:

  • Squats, full and half
  • Use weights of various weights to build my arms
  • Run a half mile- mile
  • Maybe some yoga or pilates
  • Zumba would be really cool to do, too

So, that’s it. That’s what I plan to do in the incoming month(s).

Hopefully, I can stick to it.

I say as I eat Pringles.



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