School Update & My Plans For The Summer

I know it’s been two weeks since you’ve seen a post from me, but oh well. I just need a kick in the butt to get going on my next posts! And that kick should be coming real soon!

I’m done with my first year of college! Considering I will probably only have two, that is pretty good to me. So, that means I get more time to work on the blog, my game, and more.

(That’s not a secret more, I just have stuff to do all of July)

I guess I should now say my plans for the summer and why I’m so busy in July.

This Month (June)

Honestly, I’m probably going to be working for the rest of the month, other than hanging out with friends and lounging at home.

I will hopefully get another post or two out before the end, but I may get lazy.


So, I have 3 major reasons why July is so busy for me.

  1. I’m going to my boyfriend’s grandparents house for the week of 4th of July (Independence Day in US). That means, we’ll hitch our stuff up (& Bean), pick up his aunt from the airport, and go to the neighboring state!
  2. I have my Driver’s License test on the 18th. I doubt I ‘ll pass, but everyone around me seems to disagree. I picked up to driving pretty well and Gage seems to think that I’ll pass.
  3. I’m going to a pirate festival! I’ll be gone the 19th-21st. I literally get the results of my drive test the day before and then we will know if I could drive there or not (probably not because my boyfriend is used to driving, and I kind of scare him).


This is another month of me probably not doing much. Obviously other than working and blogging, I’ll most likely be lounging at home, or with friends.

I know I’ll be getting ready for classes for when they come back in September. I definitely want to keep blogging through these months and working on the game*.

Other than that, I should see you in a couple days or so, have a good rest of your week!

I was featured on Alanna’s blog! She and I had the most delightful interview and I wanted to give her some recognition for having me on! Go on over to her blog and read my interview, follow her too!

press here to go to Allana’s blog and read my interview!


*The site for the game should be coming up soon, I promise


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