The Biweekly Newsletter #1

I know- weird title. It’s a work in progress. Leave me be!

Ps I’m sorry this is 2 days late

Lately, my emotions have been crazy. Like, almost bipolar level (honestly wouldn’t be surprised, it runs in my family). I’ve had a lot of good things happen in my life, and because I am unbelievably unlucky, there will be a big crash down. So, to prepare for this, I’m deciding to write a post every couple of weeks with updates about how my life is going. Longtime readers will know this to be replacing my “life Adventures” series. I know I could just keep it the same, but right now I’m in a phase of my life where I was to change. I do this every 2 months, so get used to it bub. So, with this first post, I will be explaining what happened to me in these past months since I’ve stopped posting life updates.

So, my last L.A. was September 4th, 2018. Well, there have been some major updates since then. First, let’s do a little recap of before…

  • My ex and I broke up in the summer
  • I moved in with my bestie
  • I got my car
  • yeah

With the last one being at the beginning of September, you may remember me starting school. Well, I went through the first month of school doing fairly well. It wasn’t until around my birthday (the 17th) when I decided to take a break from school for a little bit. I’ve talked about this before in a past post. I hated what I was studying and decided to stop school until I figure out what I want to do.

Well, at that same time, I started having a crush on one of the guys in my friend group. It was a little crush. The more time I spent with him, the more I liked him. He’s a funny, quiet, outdoorsman and we had a lot in common-weirdly.

With my plan to stop classes for a while set in motion, I was living life at home, playing with Bean, and just hanging out with my friends. I was pretty happy with working and relaxing.

Well, that changed quickly when that little crush of mine started growing every single time I saw that kid. We went to the park a couple times, some days he would kind of ignore me, while other times he wouldn’t stop talking to me. I wrote in my journal that either I had to tell him I like him, or I needed to make it go away. So one night, he asked in our group if anyone was down to get food. I was. He came to pick me up and when we got our food and sat down, I brought up that a friend thought we’d start liking each other. Turns out he liked me too. That night was the hardest I had ever blushed.

Now, the boy and I are 3 months into our relationship and- I also have gotten a new job. So, it feels like my life is going pretty well.

Now that you’ve been updated on what’s happened, I’ll be posting these every couple weeks or so, with updates on how I’ve been emotionally, physically, and ‘life’ wise.

Have a good day everyone! šŸ™‚


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