My Blogging Goals for 2019

I know it’s incredibly late for this, and I probably did something similar already, but I wanted to restart this and try harder with it! As you know, I am a VERY small blogger. Blogging is something that I’ve taken seriously, but it’s also something that I don’t like talking about in my day to day life. Not that many of my friends even know I have this as an outlet. I get self-conscious very easily and I don’t like being judged. It’s very hard for me to take constructive criticism sometimes lol.

So, I have a short list of goals for myself starting now to next March (March 2019-2020)

  • Hit 200 followers
    • Since I’m still a small blogger, I want to get better and I want my follow count to get higher as well. So what I plan to do is literally try harder. Tweet more, blog more interesting topics- just try harder!!
  • Hit 300 Posts this year
    • More posts= no hiatus for better content. I always have to stop every couple months to plan posts, I hate doing that.
  • Collaborate with more bloggers
    • I’m kinda shy and I want more blogging friends, so hit me up guys! I’ll try my best too 😀
  • Have that “one” big post/project
    • Every blogger has that one big project they put all their hard work into it and I want to experience that this year. I already have plans for it in the works. I really hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

And I guess that’s it! IF you guys want more stuff like this or anything different! Comment below, or hit me up on Twitter @CaitieMadrigal, or if you want to get to know me more or see the memes, follow my personal Twitter @watrslooth

Peace out yall


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