Why I Don’t Use Instagram

This question has been always asked and it has a good answer.

On many occasions, I have had an Instagram account before. When it first came out, when I was in high school, and on a whim.

The first time I had it I was in 8th grade. This was in 2012-2013. I don’t remember the exact time (guys, this was at maximum 7 years ago). Another thing I don’t remember is how long I had it then. I decided to delete my account when I just didn’t want it anymore.

The second time, it was late high school. I had it for a good 6 months or so. I’ve never really liked those posts of “Our love is pure and we’re the best ever” people. I don’t want your love jammed down my throat- and I saw that all the time. It was awful. I complained about it once on Twitter. A week or two later, I did an appreciation post for my boyfriend at the time. He was my friend before my boyfriend, and I just wanted to tell people about how great he was- in a “hey look at this guy! He’s my best friend and we’re in love! He’s a great dude and you’ll love talking to him” kind of way. In no way possible I would say “We’re in love and no relationship is better than ours” Well, I got “called out.” because I was being a hypocrite. In my defense, 1. I would do those kind of posts for all my friends. 2. The guy that called me out was in a relationship that was annoying about it. He and his girlfriend jammed (the shit out of) their relationship down everyone’s throats. It was exhausting. About a month later, I was done with seeing it all and deleted it.

The last and final time I had made one was last spring. I made it, posted one picture and then deleted the app. It still exists out there somewhere, I just don’t remember about it at all.

So let’s get down to the reason why I dislike Instagram

  1. It brings drama
    1. It has always brought me some kind of drama (or that newfangled “Tea” yougin’s are talking, and I’m honestly sick of it.
  2. I’m not really the best at taking pictures of myself, and I’m okay with not seeing a bunch of selfies.
  3. If I did have an Instagram, it would honestly just be picture of Bean, my boyfriend, or memes.
  4. It’s addictive
    1. I’m tired of being glued to my phone screen all the time. If I can cancel one thing out of my daily life, I’m glad I only use twitter for memes.

Well, I guess that’s it, yall. I hope you enjoyed this- and I really hope you take some of these things to your life and try to use Instagram less.

Have a good day 🙂



5 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Use Instagram

  1. A rebuttal of sorts:

    I don’t use Twitter. But in news articles that quote from Twitter posts, I see way more drama there, particularly around celebrities behaving badly to each other. People who are in the public eye should be acting way more mature than that. I’ll admit that I have a different perspective than you, though, since I am not a girl and I was not a teenager in the smartphone or social media eras. And, although this happens on all social media platforms, from what I’ve heard Twitter is particularly vicious about censoring people with opinions that don’t agree with theirs.

    I don’t take selfies. My Instagram is full of scenery, pictures of what I’m doing today, pictures of funny stuff that kids write or doodle on their homework papers (with the names blurred out), everything except pictures of myself. Sure, I have to look at other people’s selfies, but if it’s someone I don’t really need to look at, I’ll just keep scrolling on through. I mostly use it to stay in touch with people who don’t use Facebook, which includes pretty much all of the former students born after 2000 who have chosen to stay in touch with me.

    And I have no idea what that newfangled tea is.

    All social media platforms are equally addictive, as far as I see. Yes, sometimes I need to step back a little. I’m working on that.

    But you do you. If Instagram isn’t working for you, or Twitter isn’t working for me, there’s nothing at all wrong with not using them. Of course, you wouldn’t see as much of what’s going on in my life without Instagram, and as much as I enjoy communicating with you on here, I have a feeling you’ll survive.

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      1. That’s good. Unfortunately, I spent most of my 30s in social circles that don’t agree with my politics, with a lot of people who share a lot of political stuff I don’t want to read, so a lot of those people have gotten unfollowed on my Facebook, so I don’t have to read their crap, but I can still see how they’re doing if I choose to.

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