Being Alone for a Week

So, my roommate and her parents left town for 5 days for a motorcycle club racing event. I stayed home because I didn’t want to go, and someone had to watch the animals. Since they’d be gone, I invited the boyfriend over to stay with me. Just so I didn’t have to be alone at night. Wednesday night to Monday morning, only leaving Saturday and Sunday for work and family stuff.

Wednesday was my first day of (kinda but not really)being alone. I went to work in the morning, helped my mom in the afternoon, and went grocery shopping with the BF. After all that, we got back to my house and made chicken curry for dinner. It was so good lol.

Every Thursday night, a couple friends and me watch anime at one of the friend’s house. I originally planned to go, and let the BF stay at my place. Well, he decided to have a barbecue. I didn’t care, just as long as he cleaned up his mess! Well, one of our friends had the idea of cancelling anime night and have the two friends hang out at my house for the barbecue. We all agreed. We all hung out from noon to midnight. It was pretty fun.

Friday, the BF and I did absolutely nothing. We planned to clean the house, but we decided to play Minecraft on my PS4 until 8pm. During the day, though, he somehow let a bee in the house (technically on Thursday). SO we had to try and get that big boye out. That was actually the most exciting thing that happened on Friday lol. Afterwards, we had sushi for dinner and then went to bed.

I honestly don’t remember what I did on the weekend, which makes me feel bad, because I got lazy while typing this up. I remember cleaning though.

Monday was the day they came back home. I had to help my mom again, in the afternoon. It was kind of upsetting when they came back, but I did miss them.

I guess I should start working on my other blog posts, now since I got lazy lol


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