Struggles and Strengths #1

Hey, guys! I would love to introduce you to... Different Content!! Now, I'm still doing my Life Adventures and my¬†writing, but I want to do something else... I want to share with everyone the struggles and strengths of different things. Like this one. This one's about blogging! Everyone has different S&S, so I'm only going … Continue reading Struggles and Strengths #1

In the Passing of my Late Great- grandmother, Lucia

In your eyes, I see my future. In my eyes, you saw your past. Your past formed my present, my present that could have been different. I could have been different. You fought for your rights, your place, your home. Your fight has changed my past, present, future. Your legacy will continue with me and … Continue reading In the Passing of my Late Great- grandmother, Lucia

The Prophets|| Short Story

Before urbanization existed, there were two small villages not too far from each other. One was the large, prosperous¬†Chen, the other was the smaller, Sonne. Sonne was the type of village that hated anything different from them. They were sheltered, conservative, and angry. Chen was the opposite. They were happy and bewildered at the creativity … Continue reading The Prophets|| Short Story

Why Bloggers Need Niches

They don't. But it's very hard without them. Obviously, I'm going to be talking about niches lol As a blogger with a (semi?) niche, I really don't have the motivation to blog. That's the reason why I have my weekly/semi-weekly Life Adventures(link to latest one). I can talk about my life and what I'm doing … Continue reading Why Bloggers Need Niches

Starting Classes Again|| Life Adventures

Hey, all! I'm back with a happy post! I started classes again and I want to die. It could be worse, though. I have 2 online classes (Cultural Anthropology and Music Appreciation) and 2 physical classes (Editing and Publishing and Mental Health). I am SUPER excited for my classes(less on the anthropology because UGH). In … Continue reading Starting Classes Again|| Life Adventures