Sayonara WordPress


I was right

It is with heavy heart that I must announce that I will no longer be blogging. It’s obviously not you guys. It’s me.

These past three years have been an growing period for me to become the person I want to be, and I’m nearly there. I just need T H E R A P Y

I know this post will be really short, and I’ll try to keep the blog itself up for you to see my growth, but I want to open up my options, rather than be limited to blogging only. I will eventually be moving to YouTube under myself, not Sailor Caitie.

If you find me there, have fun! If not, well my twitter handles are:

  • Personal: @watrslooth
  • Blog: @CaitieMadrigal

I guess this is goodbye for now. It was fun while it lasted. I really enjoyed being with you guys while I could, but now I must move on in my life.



Is this goodbye?

Lately, I’ve been in a creative slump. Like a really bad one. Enough to make me want to quit blogging. Now, I’m not set on the idea. Maybe just a little hiatus from this so I can think about what I want, and at then end of it, decide whether to quit or not.

I love the idea of owning my own company, whether it be a board game company or an entertainment one. I would love to build enough of a brand to leave a mark, but I’m afraid that I’ve never been good at first impressions😥

So, once this goes up I’ll be on hiatus for a while. If I have an idea for a post, I’ll do it, but if nothing comes…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I guess I’ll see you in a while?

Top 5 Manga

  • Sailor Moon- One of the first Magical girl manga 100% RECOMMEND EVERYONE
  • The Wallflower- Four pretty boys fix an ugly girl
  • Noragami- Meet Yato, a stray God, who saved a girl.
  • Azumanga Daioh- Slice of life about middle/ high schoolers (I can’t remember which one)
  • Laid Back Camp- Wanna go camping?

Hi everyone!

Similar to my other top 5 post, I’ll be keeping this short, sweet, and straight to the point. I’ll give you a short synopsis about each one.

I absolutely love manga and anime. For over a year now, my best friends and I have had an anime night every Thursday- but we’ll have to cancel it soon, due to one of them moving an hour away. Instead we’ll have one night a month.




My Life Lately- Well, “Work” Lately

Honestly I’ve been so stressed with work, that my confidence is at an all time low.

Hi, everyone!

My life has been absolutely crazy these past couple of weeks, and I’m not really mentally/emotionally stable at the moment. Not too long after my recent camping trip, I was hired as a Caregiver for an Assisted living facility. I was incredibly nervous about it. When I started my training, I was really worried that I would screw up. Ultimately, I decided that I wasn’t comfortable with it. I’m currently in the process of going back to my old job and continuing the search.

Because of this happening to me, I’ve had this feeling in my gut that I’m not where I’m supposed to be. It feels as though fate or whatever higher power out there is saying “Wait, no. That’s not where I planned for you to go.” I can’t shake this feeling, either. It’s stuck deep in my brain. It feels like something is off with my course of life.

Maybe it’s Fate telling me to actually start developing my board game and start a company? I have the game ready, I just need to play-test it and I need art for it.

I’m also absolutely terrified of showing it to anyone. Maybe they don’t like it, or think it won’t be a fun game. I’m nervous about showing people what I’ve created from my thoughts and feelings. Even the thought of showing people some unfinished books scares me.

I need to get over these feelings if I want to follow my dreams, though. These are my dreams- no. They’re GOALS. Goals I want to do in my lifetime. I don’t want to go to school to get a degree I don’t want. I want to create board games, so people can play them and feel joy.

Actual joy from the bottom of their heart.


My Top 5 Webtoons

Do you guys like to read? It doesn’t have to be too intense. Maybe you don’t have enough time in the day to sit down and read a book? Why not try reading Webtoons? It’s an amazing app for IOS/Android and also PC! I read daily and enjoy them immensely.

There’s a ginormous variety of comics for any reader, and I will recommend it to anyone!!

It took me a long time to work it all out, but I made a list of my top 5 with some honorable mentions.

I’ll spare the majority of the details 😉

  • A Good Day to Be A Dog- Girl turns into dog at night
  • Murrz- Adventures of a girl with some cats
  • Boyfriend of the Dead- Zombie human love
  • Subzero- Feuding dragon people fall in love
  • Refund High School- Go back to high school to reincarnate

Honorable mentions:

  • Lore Olympus- Modern take on Hades and Persephone
  • Odd Girl Out- “All my friends are pretty and it sucks!”
  • Let’s Play- Game dev and Youtuber
  • True Beauty- Being pretty is really hard

I guess that’s it, guys! I have more top 5 posts coming!

Love ya!


What I Love About Summer!

Hi guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted something in a couple weeks! I’ve been really busy this past month lol. It felt like every weekend I had something to do. I promise I’ll do an update post soon!

My plans for this summer so far aren’t really existent. I started working full-time, so I won’t be able to go pirate camping with my friends, but at least I can still look forward to my cute summer looks!

For now, I want to tell you guys what I love about this coming season. These are really the things that I absolutely adore in summer.

  • Wearing Shorts
    • Usually when it’s incredibly hot, I either lounge around in hot pants or no pants at all
  • The County Fair
    • In my town, there’s an annual fair where people can showcase their animals, or crafts. There’s also a talent stage, a Native American village, and an amusement park, just on ONE side. The other side is the food court and the rodeo.
  • Travelling
    • Not specific travelling to other countries, because I’m poor and I can’t afford that, BUT RATHER going to the beach, or camping.
  • Reading for Pleasure
    • Every summer as a child, I would participate in a summer reading from my local library. I would still like to continue that in my adult life, but I can’t get the prices and stuff. So, I’ll just read on my own lol.

Really the only things I hate are the heat and wasps


A Letter To My Younger Self: 16

Hey, you. How are things? It’s me. Your 20 year old self. I’m here to talk.

You got and the quit your first job within 2 months. How does that make you feel? You and your boyfriend are doing pretty well. How about your Geometry grade? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. The teachers really didn’t teach that well enough for everyone to understand. It’s not the best teaching style. You’ll pass it in summer school, though. You go from an F to an A. Feel good about it. You got into Concert Choir! Congrats! I’m so proud that you were able to stand in front of everyone and sing a solo. You didn’t try out for Cantalinas, but it’s okay. You don’t like that exposure anyway. You dye your hair a really cool purple, too. Eventually it does change to an even better silver.

I’m avoiding the elephant in the room for a reason. Grandma’s death. It was hard on everyone, not just you. Her death was unexpected and absolutely heartbreaking. All she had was a cold, how could this happen?

Death affects everyone differently. You’ll shut everyone out and it’ll change your view for the rest of your life. You’ll have a lot of trouble from Junior year to the end of Senior year. You definitely do some things you regret, but it’s okay. Mistakes are meant to happen.

Don’t get your hopes up about the boyfriend situation. I know you believe you have your life planned out, but you really don’t. You’re only 16, so relax a bit. Enjoy what you have right now. You’re young, it’s okay to not know everything yet.

Oh yeah.

Do you remember that Asian-looking kid in Choir? Try to remember about him, he’s kind of important to your future self ❤


Being Alone for a Week

So, my roommate and her parents left town for 5 days for a motorcycle club racing event. I stayed home because I didn’t want to go, and someone had to watch the animals. Since they’d be gone, I invited the boyfriend over to stay with me. Just so I didn’t have to be alone at night. Wednesday night to Monday morning, only leaving Saturday and Sunday for work and family stuff.

Wednesday was my first day of (kinda but not really)being alone. I went to work in the morning, helped my mom in the afternoon, and went grocery shopping with the BF. After all that, we got back to my house and made chicken curry for dinner. It was so good lol.

Every Thursday night, a couple friends and me watch anime at one of the friend’s house. I originally planned to go, and let the BF stay at my place. Well, he decided to have a barbecue. I didn’t care, just as long as he cleaned up his mess! Well, one of our friends had the idea of cancelling anime night and have the two friends hang out at my house for the barbecue. We all agreed. We all hung out from noon to midnight. It was pretty fun.

Friday, the BF and I did absolutely nothing. We planned to clean the house, but we decided to play Minecraft on my PS4 until 8pm. During the day, though, he somehow let a bee in the house (technically on Thursday). SO we had to try and get that big boye out. That was actually the most exciting thing that happened on Friday lol. Afterwards, we had sushi for dinner and then went to bed.

I honestly don’t remember what I did on the weekend, which makes me feel bad, because I got lazy while typing this up. I remember cleaning though.

Monday was the day they came back home. I had to help my mom again, in the afternoon. It was kind of upsetting when they came back, but I did miss them.

I guess I should start working on my other blog posts, now since I got lazy lol


Why I Pushed Off School

Right now, I don’t really know what I want to do with my career. I want to keep blogging, I know for sure, but I can’t live off of what I want right now. Months ago, I decided to stop going to school until I can decide where I want my life to go. I don’t want to pursue a career I’ll hate. My “dream” career would be a game developer. I would absolutely love to create games people would play with their friends and family. Even being an author sounds amazing to me. I just need an extra push to keep writing and making a game. I wonder when that’ll happen and what form it’ll take…