Six Word Story #4

She’s tired. He’s done. They’re exhausted.


My Home||Poem

I take a hit off my pipe and sit

and wander

to a different place and time

where things were good

My path is lit by small candles

to take me to my home

My home of peace, solitude, and

a place to be myself

I can’t really be myself in public, right?


Laying in bed: A Poem

Here I am

In my cozy bed

All writhed up around the blanket

Yearning for those couple more minutes.

And yet I feel a sensation

One that never brings joy

I must urinate

And leave my warm destiny.

Oh gosh oh golly

Make this go away

I stayed up all night and am tired

Why am I a fool.

This is getting worse

It is out of hand.

My legs are shaking gently

To show that I love this bed.

Oh goddammit. I’ll get up.

I’ll leave my comfy prison.

And sit on a porcelain throne

That will leave my body frozen from it being so cold.

Once I finish I will leave and walk back.

But wait

Here’s a thought

I can get coffee

And crawl back into bed!

Writing Wednesday! | Poetry

Hey guys! I got some homemade poetry for you today. It’ll just be this post because I am SUPER behind on blog work. I love you and have fun!! btw these poems are kinda sad. I wrote them with certain people in mind and I wasn’t in a good headspace. They’re really short but whatever.


Revered is one letter different that reversed. Reversed is to change two or more things to be opposite. Revered is to be deeply devoted to something. How can you revere someone you love when all you is the reverse?


Devotion is a desire. If you aren’t devoted, how can you overcome the pains besides you?


Falling into an abyss full of glass and mirrors.I touch the glass as a mirror closes me indie it. My friends float off elsewhere, leaving me. Inside the mirror, I see familiar faces, yet I can’t see them. It becomes clear to me now.I am the abyss of pain. I am unhurt because I am broken. Broken by the walls that I trapped around me.

A Lonely Friend

Pain is a pain. It hurts everyone. We strive for the best, but the outcome looks uninspiring. We desire to achieve the best for ourselves, yet we are broken people. We are told to overcome that pain and dissolute sorrow. The pain is comforting though. You can call it a friend. But who would want a pain as a friend?


Hidden under my skin that no one claims. Hidden under a personality that others love. Hidden under a life I want better. Hidden under my thoughts no one sees.


As I sit down to write this, I think What could go wrong?

There isn’t a reason why I’m writing this, I just am.

Yet, I feel there is something hidden, deep down.

Deep enough for me to realize that

it’s still there.

That built up hatred is here.

I take a deep breath and sigh.

My fingers are moving furiously,

enough to the point where I exclaim

“Goddamn, this Pokemon gym is hard.”



I hear the leaves under my feet

as I walk towards an old tree.


My hand reaches the tree trunk.

I scrape moss off the tree.




My hand bleeds while something bites at me.

My hand is gone as it falls to the floor.




My legs bleed as it bites more at my hollow bones.


My torso is the next victim.

I just can’t stop giving myself up to others.

Give all of myself to get nothing in return.