Six Word Story #2

Maybe I can survive off this?


Day to Day ||Short Story

He plugged in his headphones to his phone and pressed play. The music began to blare into his ears. He put on his slip-on vans and walked out the door. He took his keys from his pocket. “I’ll see you guys later.” He said to his roommates. He opened the door and walked out.


She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. She hated waking up. Her room was always cold and she slept in skimpy pajamas. “Why must she do this to herself” she thought to herself every morning. She tore the blankets from her skin and slowly got out of bed. Her blackout curtains made it impossible to see. She made her way to the window and opened the curtains.

The Fate: Part 2

The world brightened as the Fate woke up. Her eyes fluttered opened. She woke up to see herself tied to a dining chair. What? She looked for the girl that hit her. She was sitting at the Fate’s desk, trying to match herself with someone. “Why won’t it work?” she yelled. “Because that’s not how it works.” The Fate spoke. The girl frantically turned around “How does it work, then? I need to do this.” “You’re trying to match yourself with your ex, aren’t you? How did you get here anyway?” “He and I didn’t date, I just need to do this for his sake.” she said as she avoided the Fate’s second question. “Why? Is he dying? Can you not live without him?” “His fiance is a manipulative bitch and he’s marrying her tomorrow.” The girl said, staring at the computer screen. “Sucks. If they’re meant to be, I’ll see to it. Now, can you untie me, so I can check?” The Fate finished as the girl turned to face her again. The Fate smiled innocently as she gestured to her hands with her head. The girl sighed and stood up. She walked over to the Fate. She untied the rope from the hands and feet of the Fate. “Okay, let’s look at his profile. What’s his name?” The Fate sat at her desk. “Devin Torrence.” The girl hovered above the Fate. The Fate typed in his name. “So, he’s engaged to Beatrice O’Leary- oof their relationship is not the smoothest. How did they even get engaged?” The Fate looked into their profiles. “She’s horrible to everyone except him. His friends all hate her, he just refuses to see it.” “Well, how are you in his life?” The Fate turned around and asked. The girl froze. “I- well… We’ve been friends for a long time.” The Fate turned back around.’

“So, you’re Julia Vendes?” “How’d you find out?” “I have connections, you know.”

The Fate: Part 1

The lonely fate sat at her desk, matching couples before she left for her morning jog. She began to hum one of her favorite songs to cure the little boredom that built up. She loved her job, she wanted to do this for eternities. Lucky for her, she did. She matched one last couple and stood up from her desk. She changed into her exercise clothes and left for her jog.

The fate came back sweaty and out of breath. She kicked off her shoes and started undressing to bathe herself. As she walked past her desk, she noticed that the last couple she matched, unmatched. What is this? She thought to herself. This is the first time since I started that this has happened. Maybe one of them died. The fate pulled out the handbook of her fate duties. She opened it to the end of the book, looking through the index. If I don’t find it here, may as well talk to one of the other fates. She turned the pages of the book to the page reading “Couples That Unmatch.” She began to read. “Couples that unmatch from each other represents one of them suddenly dies. If they had been matched for an extended period of time represents them drifting away from each other and they do not have matches for the rest of their lives. You may rematch them if you take pity on them.” The fate closed the book. “Hm.” She looked back at the couple. The cut in their match looked nothing like her fate scissors. She opened her desk drawer and held onto the scissors that were born into her hands. The gold and red scissors shined in the light as she compared the cut with the scissors. “No fate did this.” She tossed them back into the drawer and signed. She decided to wait until after her shower and left her desk. She walked into her room. The fate opened her closet to grab some clean clothes. Out of the blue, someone grabbed her from behind. “Wha-.” She tried to say as her mouth was covered. “Listen to me and listen good. I refuse to be matched by someone who will push me back with that psychopath. If I’m getting matched by someone, it’ll be me.” Suddenly her world turned to pitch black.

Writing Wednesday!| NaNoWriMo


How has this month gone by so quickly! Dear god, I hope it could come back!

Hey, guys! This is the last writing Wednesday of March. It’s heartbreaking for me to write this, but I have some good news!

I’m going to be in April’s Camp NaNoWriMo!

If you don’t know what that is, it’s National Novel Writing Month. You write every day to fill your word count. I participated in last July’s and it worked… mostly. I got stuck and I couldn’t finish. I still have my manuscript, but I’m still at that part. It sucks lol.

But I’m going to make it easier on myself this year.

Right now, I have a different work in progress that I want to build characters for. I plan to write short stories for all of my characters that need development. So pretty much everyone lol. I already have one written down, I just need to type it up and edit it, then I should have one done. Don’t necessarily have a word count yet, but I’m not going to try and push myself to overcome it. As a previous writer, those stats they have are a little overwhelming for a newcomer.

I know this isn’t the writing Wednesday you expected, but I have big plans for next month that will blow your socks off. I can’t wait to show you guys what I have in store.


Writing Wednesday! | Poetry

Hey guys! I got some homemade poetry for you today. It’ll just be this post because I am SUPER behind on blog work. I love you and have fun!! btw these poems are kinda sad. I wrote them with certain people in mind and I wasn’t in a good headspace. They’re really short but whatever.


Revered is one letter different that reversed. Reversed is to change two or more things to be opposite. Revered is to be deeply devoted to something. How can you revere someone you love when all you is the reverse?


Devotion is a desire. If you aren’t devoted, how can you overcome the pains besides you?


Falling into an abyss full of glass and mirrors.I touch the glass as a mirror closes me indie it. My friends float off elsewhere, leaving me. Inside the mirror, I see familiar faces, yet I can’t see them. It becomes clear to me now.I am the abyss of pain. I am unhurt because I am broken. Broken by the walls that I trapped around me.

A Lonely Friend

Pain is a pain. It hurts everyone. We strive for the best, but the outcome looks uninspiring. We desire to achieve the best for ourselves, yet we are broken people. We are told to overcome that pain and dissolute sorrow. The pain is comforting though. You can call it a friend. But who would want a pain as a friend?


Hidden under my skin that no one claims. Hidden under a personality that others love. Hidden under a life I want better. Hidden under my thoughts no one sees.

Witchin’|| Writing Wednesday

Hey guys! For today, I have planned to let you guys read my (unedited, mind you) first chapter of my WIP! I hate the name for it now and will definitely change it. So, here we go!!

Winona sat in her room. “Hey, Win, will you help Jared with his lunch for school?” A voice boomed from downstairs. “Why can’t he do it on his own, dad?” She yelled back. “Because he’s ten and you said you’d teach him how you make your sandwiches, Winona Jean.” He yelled back. “Fine.” She yelled. Winona finished brushing her short black hair and went downstairs. “I’m off to work. Your mom will be here to pick up Jared after school to take him to soccer. You can take him to school, right Win?” Her father quickly opened the front door. Hearing that word just made her feel sick to her stomach. “Ugh, mom. I haven’t seen her in a long time. Are you sure she has to come? I can take him.” “She wants to see him.” “But not me, like always. What does she have against me?” Eric looked at her with remorse. “My car’s been acting funny, again. When can uncle Ronnie look at it?” She walked into the foyer of their large house. “Probably when his divorce papers are settled. I’ll look at it when I get home, okay?” Eric Vangello looked at his watch. “Got it. Bye, dad.” “Bye, dad!” Ten year old Jared yelled from the kitchen.

Winona walked into the kitchen “‘Kay, let’s do this. Are you sure you can handle this?” She joked. “Super Jared can do anything!” Jared said as she noticed his green and orange cape on around his neck. “There we go.” she said with a giggle escaping her lips. The two began to make a ham and cheese sandwich. Once the sandwich was finished Jared asked “Why does mom like me, but not you, Winnie?” Winona sighed “I have no clue, Jar. Ever since I was young, she just hasn’t liked me. She’s tried, but something seems to be stopping her.” She placed her head into her hand as she leaned on the kitchen counter. “Well, dad and I love you.” He hugged his sister. She laughed “Thanks little buddy. Now, it’s time for us to go to school!” He ran out of the kitchen zoomed away. She could only smile as she closed his lunchbox.

Perry walked up to Winona. “I put too much creamer in my coffee.” “Oh my god, boo hoo, nerd.” Winona joked as she pulled a notebook out. “It’s no laughing matter!” Perry pushed her. “What isn’t a  laughing matter?” Sam asked as he walked up to the lockers. “Perry’s coffee being too sweet.” Winona said as she looked at Sam. “Per, you always put too much. I have an idea, put less in.” He finished with a sarcastic gasp. Sam and Winona laughed as Perry took a sip of his coffee. “You two are so mean to me. I wish I had better friends.” He pouted as he opened his locker. As Perry’s locker door swung open, a piece of folded paper fell onto the floor. “Ooh, a love letter! Who’s it from?” Winona said as she flung her body towards the floor. She picked up the note. “It doesn’t say anything.” She opened up the paper. “What is this?” “Coordinates.” Sam looked over her shoulder. “It’s probably nothing-.” The bell for first period rang. “We gotta go.” He closed his locker. “We can go after school, right?” Winona asked the two. “I’m free.” Sam said as he closed his locker. “I guess so.” Perry said as he walked to class. “Let’s look to where they go.” Winona told Sam the numbers as he punched it into his phone. “The library?”

“Are you Perry Thronwell? Someone said you’d be coming in.” the receptionist sat up from her chair and grabbed something from behind the desk. “Here you go.” A small piece of paper slid onto the counter. The three walked away and peered at the note. “What am I looking at?” Sam stated impatiently. “They’re dewey decimal codes.” Perry read the code and looked at the shelves. “Haven’t you ever read a book before, Sam? Or are you on your computer all the time?” “Shut up. I haven’t been here before.” “Over here.” WInona and Sam  hurried past others nearby. “This is the local history section.” Winona stated. “That’s where whoever sent this led us to? Why?” “No clue, but it might have to do with this note hidden in ‘Town History and Lore’.” Perry took the book off the shelf. He opened it up the marked page. “‘The Coven of Chene’”. “Read it, dude.” Winona smacked him playfully.

Before urbanization existed, there were two small villages not too far from each other. One was the large, prosperous Chene, the other was the smaller, Sonne. Sonne was the type of village that hated anything different from them. They were sheltered, conservative, and angry. Chene was the opposite. They were happy and bewildered at the creativity of life.

The prophet of Chene was a magical being. Filled with wonder, the Prophet wanted to fill their mind with the knowledge of life. The prophet had four magical abilities: Growth, Control, Telekinesis, and Morph. Once Chene learned about their prophet, they gave four children to the magical being so they could have these abilities. As years went on, the prophet aged with the children beside them.

Sonne soon learned about the children and the abilities and murdered all of Chene. The angry village took the land of Chene and combined it with Sonne. the city grew and grew. It became a sheltered, power-hungry community. They felt they were superior to every village nearby. They had the world.

But what they didn’t know was that the five Prophets survived. They were away for the slaughtering. The hid in the village and continued to learn their abilities. No one knew about them. Until the Prophet passed and the children had no one.

They were split up from each other and went to other parts of the village. They were forced to go to school, forced to leave their friends, forced from using the powers.

But a stroke of luck appeared. A baby appeared in the middle of the village, wearing only a black cloth with a name tag around its wrist. The four Prophet found the child and alerted the other. It was their fifth half. The missing prophet.

The death prophet

They were told by the Head Prophet about this one. That on their passing, a baby would appear and become their fifth. The final prophet would bring death to whomever they felt. They would stay young forever as the others aged. The others were taught, but this one already knew what to do.

The five of them ran from their families and hid in the woods. They grew up and raised the fifth together. They would be a team in the end.

The rumor of them running away together spread through town, and people had heard of their powers. Once they were all grown, they decided to go back and have families to continue their bloodlines.

Their powers spread through the generations.

The three of them looked at each other as Perry put the book back. The silence settled in before someone crushed it. “Who would send us on a wild goose chase just to read a bogus story?” Sam said frustratedly. “Well,” Winona sighed “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because they think we’re hooligans?” Perry shrugged. “Maybe they thought we wouldn’t do it. We have to go, Win. Jared needs you to save him from your mom.” Winona grumbled “Stupid mom. Dammit, let’s go.” Sam and Winona walked together as Perry slowly walked behind them. “Per, what’s taking you so long?” Winona asked. “Just walking really slowly.” He said as he put his phone back into his pocket.


Writing Wednesday!

Welcome to the first writing Wednesday, guys! I know how many of you love how I write, so I dedicated a full (post) day to you guys! Every Wednesday, I will be writing, giving tips or tricks, or anything you guys request!

Since today is the first post of it, I will be writing a couple of short stories, and some poetry for you guys. They should be coming out throughout the day. I hope you guys enjoy them!

Now, this is the area where I would be giving you guys some tips on writing, whether they’d be ‘how do I write this one thing sned hlep’ or ‘hey you suck’ I WILL ENDURE IT ALL FOR YOU. So, send in some questions or ideas on short stories!

I’d better go, then.

Have fun!