Why I Love Books

Why I Love Books

Hey guys! I'm back with another post about my history! As the title states... I'm going to be telling you why I love books!! My mom was the person to get me into reading. She read herself to sleep every night before getting married to my dad. Once she had my sister and me, she [...]


Writing Wednesday!

Welcome to the first writing Wednesday, guys! I know how many of you love how I write, so I dedicated a full (post) day to you guys! Every Wednesday, I will be writing, giving tips or tricks, or anything you guys request! Since today is the first post of it, I will be writing a [...]

New In March!

Hey, my dudes!(guess what your new name is lol) It's time for an update post on what I'm doing behind the scenes. I have some ideas on what I want to do, but they aren't fully-formed yet, so we'll see. As the months change, I want to change what I post for you guys. It'll [...]

Why I Love Ferrets.

Can I just say a couple things before I start this? Great, thanks. I wanna die aaa Incoming Q&A!! Please comment questions or tweet them to me!! 🙂 For most of my life, I have loved cats. I had a multitude of stuffed animals of them. When my family got one, I fell in love [...]

Valentine’s Day Q&A

Happy Valentine's day! I hope you spread your love to your loved ones and even yourself needs love and attention! Go out to eat, play some games, or just cozy up underneath a blanket and enjoy the ride! As the title states, I'll be doing a Q&A. Nothing too extreme, I just googled some questions [...]