A Letter To My Younger Self: 16

Hey, you. How are things? It’s me. Your 20 year old self. I’m here to talk.

You got and the quit your first job within 2 months. How does that make you feel? You and your boyfriend are doing pretty well. How about your Geometry grade? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. The teachers really didn’t teach that well enough for everyone to understand. It’s not the best teaching style. You’ll pass it in summer school, though. You go from an F to an A. Feel good about it. You got into Concert Choir! Congrats! I’m so proud that you were able to stand in front of everyone and sing a solo. You didn’t try out for Cantalinas, but it’s okay. You don’t like that exposure anyway. You dye your hair a really cool purple, too. Eventually it does change to an even better silver.

I’m avoiding the elephant in the room for a reason. Grandma’s death. It was hard on everyone, not just you. Her death was unexpected and absolutely heartbreaking. All she had was a cold, how could this happen?

Death affects everyone differently. You’ll shut everyone out and it’ll change your view for the rest of your life. You’ll have a lot of trouble from Junior year to the end of Senior year. You definitely do some things you regret, but it’s okay. Mistakes are meant to happen.

Don’t get your hopes up about the boyfriend situation. I know you believe you have your life planned out, but you really don’t. You’re only 16, so relax a bit. Enjoy what you have right now. You’re young, it’s okay to not know everything yet.

Oh yeah.

Do you remember that Asian-looking kid in Choir? Try to remember about him, he’s kind of important to your future self ❤