The Biweekly Newsletter #1

I know- weird title. It’s a work in progress. Leave me be!

Ps I’m sorry this is 2 days late

Lately, my emotions have been crazy. Like, almost bipolar level (honestly wouldn’t be surprised, it runs in my family). I’ve had a lot of good things happen in my life, and because I am unbelievably unlucky, there will be a big crash down. So, to prepare for this, I’m deciding to write a post every couple of weeks with updates about how my life is going. Longtime readers will know this to be replacing my “life Adventures” series. I know I could just keep it the same, but right now I’m in a phase of my life where I was to change. I do this every 2 months, so get used to it bub. So, with this first post, I will be explaining what happened to me in these past months since I’ve stopped posting life updates.

So, my last L.A. was September 4th, 2018. Well, there have been some major updates since then. First, let’s do a little recap of before…

  • My ex and I broke up in the summer
  • I moved in with my bestie
  • I got my car
  • yeah

With the last one being at the beginning of September, you may remember me starting school. Well, I went through the first month of school doing fairly well. It wasn’t until around my birthday (the 17th) when I decided to take a break from school for a little bit. I’ve talked about this before in a past post. I hated what I was studying and decided to stop school until I figure out what I want to do.

Well, at that same time, I started having a crush on one of the guys in my friend group. It was a little crush. The more time I spent with him, the more I liked him. He’s a funny, quiet, outdoorsman and we had a lot in common-weirdly.

With my plan to stop classes for a while set in motion, I was living life at home, playing with Bean, and just hanging out with my friends. I was pretty happy with working and relaxing.

Well, that changed quickly when that little crush of mine started growing every single time I saw that kid. We went to the park a couple times, some days he would kind of ignore me, while other times he wouldn’t stop talking to me. I wrote in my journal that either I had to tell him I like him, or I needed to make it go away. So one night, he asked in our group if anyone was down to get food. I was. He came to pick me up and when we got our food and sat down, I brought up that a friend thought we’d start liking each other. Turns out he liked me too. That night was the hardest I had ever blushed.

Now, the boy and I are 3 months into our relationship and- I also have gotten a new job. So, it feels like my life is going pretty well.

Now that you’ve been updated on what’s happened, I’ll be posting these every couple weeks or so, with updates on how I’ve been emotionally, physically, and ‘life’ wise.

Have a good day everyone! 🙂


Things I Want to Do But Don’t Know How to Start

Hi everyone! Today’s post is a shorty. I’ve had this post in my drafts for over 2 months now because I don’t know how to make it any better. I’ve tried and tried, but words just never flowed. So, today I’m debuting it to you all as is. I hope you enjoy!

Doing new things can always be hard for some. Whether it be something easy to do, or something incredibly hard that barely anyone can handle. With today’s post, I’ll be introducing what I’d love to do, I just don’t know how to start!

  • Start a podcast
  • Make candles
  • Start a board game company
  • Start fostering ferrets
  • Start painting for fun
  • Garden more
  • Learn how to knit
  • Learn how to use a sewing machine
  • Get better at interior design
  • Create and sell a board game
  • Learn how to cross stitch
  • Learn how to embroider
  • Write and finish a book
  • Write a web novel
  • Build a custom cage for my ferret
  • Find a good diet and stick to it
  • Collaborate more
  • Learn how to mod the Sims games

My Room is a Pigsty || Life Adventures

The end of August really went by slowly for me, not gonna lie. I felt like all I was doing was sitting around at my house or at work. Which funny enough, is really only what I do.

Lately, when I go to hang out with people I watch anime (which has been going on for a long time) or playing DnD with some friends.

When I moved out of my ex’s house, my desk broke. So, right now I am just using my dresser as a desk. Here’s a lil peek 20180902_1031098622225387059775497.jpg

Bleugh picture I know. I just took it.

But since my desk broke, I’m looking for another desk, but I need to take measurements of where it’ll be going but I’ve been busy stressing about life. It doesn’t help that I don’t have my bookshelf yet either. My ex’s dad has been busy with work and hasn’t been able to take it off the wall.

If anyone saw my room, they’d feel very uncomfortable.

I go back to school at the tail end of the month, so I really can’t wait to stop lounging at my house. I’ve gained 20 lbs just from sitting at home. So, expect a post telling you about college!

I still haven’t gotten a car even though I have my license. Well, I have a car. It just has a short in the hazard lights. So I have to take it to a shop and wait a couple weeks just for that to go by.  Currently, it’s just sitting in my grandpa’s driveway. Exhausting, I know. Trust me. It’s not like I want to ask people for rides to work and home or to hang out days.

At least my birthday is next month, right? I’ll be turning 20!


A Lookback of March

This month was eventful for me. March was tough on my health.

There was family stuff, friend stuff, and financial stuff.

Ah yes. The 3 f’s people either love or hate.

I guess we should start with my personal life, shall we?

My Life

I’ll make this short and sweet so I don’t bum anyone out. My parent’s marriage has never been the strongest, and life has really taken a toll on them. Let’s just say that the day of this post going up, I’ll be talking to my parents and my sister about their marriage.

My friends matter too! Through this month, this has been okay up until this week. This week was Spring Break. Gage and I made plans months ago that we were going to Eugene and seeing some of the city with our friend who lived there.  Sera would be watching Bean for us. Everything was fine with that. Throughout our stay down there, no one wanted to hang out with Sera. Elaina was invited to hang out with Sera’s friend from high school. Sera didn’t like that. They got into a petty-fight and others were involved (they didn’t need to be). Now, they currently aren’t talking from what I’ve heard.

Financially this month was a shitshow. I lost my job in the single digit days. For no reason, I might add. My manager didn’t like me and took me off the schedule. Technically it’s illegal to do, but I don’t care that much. So for most of March, I had no money, barely enough to pay my phone bill. But it’s okay, now. I got a better job, with a higher pay and more hours. How amazing is this? All I have to do is bag groceries.

Now I guess we can move onto the blog’s life!

The Blog

This month for the blog was eventful, but with little events.

I started an experiment. It wasn’t bad, but it worked out… sort of. I decided to go on a different path every month. Whether it be a writing month or a gaming month. The content was different every month. For a while, it was fun, but then it got a little tedious. So, I have next month planned. Let’s see where it takes us.

Another big thing that happened this month was me starting to get my content out there via Adwords. I’m a tiny blogger so I couldn’t do what I wanted yet. I want to get my words out there. So, I have one ad circulating around. I’ve been feeling great about all of the views I’m getting. I know a ton of people say that ‘blogging isn’t about the stats’, but it really is. I love blogging and I wish I could do it full time, so I want to produce quality content for you guys.

Well, that ends how March went for me. How did it go for you guys? Let me know in the comments!


Valentine’s Day Q&A

Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you spread your love to your loved ones and even yourself needs love and attention! Go out to eat, play some games, or just cozy up underneath a blanket and enjoy the ride!

As the title states, I’ll be doing a Q&A. Nothing too extreme, I just googled some questions and answered them. Now… ONTO THE SHOW!!

Have you ever been in love?

YES, of course! I’ve been in a relationship since 2013! His name is Gage and we moved in with each other when his parents bought a house. Together, we bought our ferret, Bean. Here are a couple pictures.

Aren’t they the cutest! lol

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

This might be a little tough for me. Probably Europe and Asia. My family is originally from Germany so I would LOVE to go visit where I might have been born. Other places in Europe would be the UK, Ireland, Greece, Italy. In Asia, I would visit Japan. I love the food, anime, and literally everything about Japan except the WWII thing but oh well.

What are your plans for the future?

Well, I plan to graduate college with a degree and write and publish a couple of books. I want more ferrets lol. I also want to get married, buy a house, and have a couple kids. I also want to make my blog a full-time business. I love blogging with all of my heart and I wouldn’t ever wish it to go away. 🙂

What’s one thing you want to do differently than your parents?

Money. I want to live a stable life without worrying about money all of the time. I know what I want to do, I’ll struggle until I get my push to become a better content creator. I just need to find my groove, you know?

How would you spend a million dollars?

This is going to be straightforward. Buy a house. Buy a car (or fix the car I have now). Get more ferrets. Buy a bunch of board games. Buy a bunch of books. uhm… I think that’s it? lol

I guess that might be it for the questions, guys. If you liked what you read, follow me!

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Peace out

Struggles and Strengths #1

Hey, guys! I would love to introduce you to…

Different Content!!

Now, I’m still doing my Life Adventures and my writing, but I want to do something else…

I want to share with everyone the struggles and strengths of different things. Like this one. This one’s about blogging! Everyone has different S&S, so I’m only going to talk about popular ones, and my own.

So, let’s get on with it!!


Some struggles I deal with is pumping out content for you guys. I’m a full-time student with a part-time job with full-time life issues. Sometimes, I’m really not in the mood to rush a post that I need some time writing about.

Another one is the goddamn stats. I WANT to be a full-time blogger. Yes, I want to make money off my posts, but I enjoy what I’m doing while I’m doing it. I don’t want to work a job I despise going to. I want to be with you guys 🙂

And the final issue for me is coming out of the blogging closet. Only my boyfriend, some of my close friends, my parents, and my sister know about my blog. I desperately want to tell others, but I’m terrified of my past. In the beginning of my blog, I ranted about people I didn’t like. Well, almost a year ago, those people found the posts. I don’t want them to tell people what I did in the past because they’re holding a dead grudge.


Onto the strengths!

One HUUUGE strength of mine is opening up to people. I am one of those people who cry when they say someone is irritating them. Since I have started blogging, I have been a lot happier. I have just started to talk about my feelings more with my boyfriend, and it feels good to get built up anger off my chest and shoulders. Bottling up your feelings is unhealthy.

Another big strength is my self-confidence/esteem. I feel a lot better about how I am around people. Since I started blogging, my self- image, esteem, confidence, and worth have ALL gone up because I feel more comfortable here. It’s as if I were made to create this blog. I’ve always been a bubbly, funny person. I guess I was kind of made for this 🙂

Well, that’s really all I can think of right now, personally. If you want to tell me yours, write a comment below!

Support me!

Peace out

Life ‘n Stuff

Hey, guys. My life has been uneventful lately. I’ve been avoiding my homework and really only watching youtube videos, which is NOT GOOD AT ALL lol.

I want to get going on my new year’s resolutions because everyone starts theirs in January and they usually fail. So, I figured may as well start it in February to get a better handle of it on my own, rather than the entire new year pressuring me to go above and beyond. I want to build muscle because I am a weakling! Woo! Yaa!! I plan to run, buy some weights, and exercise! Most people give themselves a time period, but I’m not going to limit myself to just one month or something like that.

Another thing I want to do is have a podcast for some spoken blog posts(similar to me talking this as I type it!)

I’ve been toying with the idea of having a post similar to an OOTD, where I just talk about some outfits that I typically wear, but I only wear jeans and t-shirts, so there’s one problem already.

I’ve been working on my WIP a lot and I’m really liking it. which is unusual for me because I always feel neutral to the ideas I have. I hope to talk about it soon, but I’m afraid people will steal my ideas. :/

I hope you all have wonderful days. Get all of your goals done. Enjoy your life for once.

Support my daily struggles!

Peace out

Why Bloggers Need Niches

They don’t. But it’s very hard without them.

Obviously, I’m going to be talking about niches lol

As a blogger with a (semi?) niche, I really don’t have the motivation to blog. That’s the reason why I have my weekly/semi-weekly Life Adventures(link to latest one). I can talk about my life and what I’m doing currently. It’s a weekly vlog if you think in Youtube terms. I do that so I can grow the motivation to blog about my niche.

Similar to blogging, there are content creators(ie Twitch people, Youtubers, Vimeo(??)). These content creators take what they love and produce content for it. That should be obvious though.

Some of these content creators branch out and either make more channels for their “hobbies” or they strictly upload them to their only channel. For example, a lot of YouTubers have a 2nd/Vlog channel so people can see their daily life and be more personal with their fans.

The thing is though, blogging and creating videos is not the same. 

Blogging are faced with predicaments of being strict with their content (from what I’ve seen).  How often do you see a fashion blogger talk about their mental health? Not that often, unless they have more than one small niche for different followers to read.

It’s like how Markiplier stopped playing video games for a while and focused on the van skits that some of his fans didn’t enjoy. Or how Pewdiepie stopped doing gaming videos altogether.

It’s hard not to follow a niche. That could be a good reason why when I look at my stats, I get sad. (self-deprecation for lyfe yall)

It’s hard to not follow one niche. You just have to be better at what you want to do.

Either way, making it big is hard and you have to be inspiring and focus on your joy rather than your want of fame.

-Peace out

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Writing About Nothing? A rant I guess

Hey, guys. How’s it going? My new year’s resolution to be a better blogger has slacked a little bit, but you know. What can you do? I have to work, go to class, and do my homework. That’s not counting the time I have to clean my room or do my laundry. I really only have a day and a half to where I can sit and do nothing.

Sometimes, I really wish I could fully support myself form the blog so I don’t have to work. But with me slacking, my goal of being a full time, loving what I do, and maybe even getting paid blogging goals will not happen.

Last year, I hit 100 followers. I know some people grow less, but this usually happens in my life. Where on my personal twitter I have 50ish followers. This is why I want to be more social so I can make more friends. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about deleting my personal one. But then my friends would want to follow my blog one and I can’t handle that yet.


I need some help ;-;

Peace Out?

Starting Classes Again|| Life Adventures

Hey, all! I’m back with a happy post!

I started classes again and I want to die. It could be worse, though. I have 2 online classes (Cultural Anthropology and Music Appreciation) and 2 physical classes (Editing and Publishing and Mental Health). I am SUPER excited for my classes(less on the anthropology because UGH).

In my editing and publishing class, we actually publish a Literary Journal! Isn’t that exciting! I honestly can’t wait for it to happen.

I know I’ve been lacking in the posting (it took me 3 days to write this post), I guess I’ve been busy, or just lazy. With the new year, I will be implementing a schedule for 3 times a week (depending on whether I can actually do that or not lol). I probably am doing posts like these either every week or every few weeks. I do have things in mind, though.

I hope you guys have fun! Enjoy! Support me!

Peace out