Why I Love Books

Hey guys! I’m back with another post about my history! As the title states…

I’m going to be telling you why I love books!!

My mom was the person to get me into reading. She read herself to sleep every night before getting married to my dad. Once she had my sister and me, she read to us every night. I can’t really remember it, but she did read all of the Harry Potter books to us (except for Deathly Hallows because we were a preteen and a teenager already).  I had a stacked and overgrown bookshelf in my room for my entire life. Once I moved in with gage, his dad had to cut it in half so we could put them on the walls because OUR ROOM IS SO SMALL.

Back to books! heh

I have lived a rough life. My family has always been below the poverty line (because America sucks) and books have always been my escape from the impending doom of “Will we have to move again?” or “With dad/mom losing their job, what are we gonna do?” As I write this, I look up at my bookshelf that’s right over my head and think. Think about all of the adventures I’ve held in my head from these stitched together pieces of paper. They’ve helped me so much, and I can’t repay them in any ways except to read them. Break in those spines, take off the dust covers and read the day away.

Books have changed me for the better. Yes, they tend to lead me to disclude myself from others, but they take me to worldly places and meet other people, people that no one else will meet.

There are so many types of books out there, and someday I hope to own a library.

Peace out.

Updates and Stuff

Hey, guys!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m updating my Patreon page because it sucks! lol

I have some things in mind to create better content for you guys. Maybe I’ll do more book reviews, maybe I’ll do some DIY. The world may never know.

In other news! My Patreon page sucks less! I’m reading a book that I might review! I’m working on two books and two games at once!

I just need more money to work on these things while still getting people Christmas presents…


In A World|| Preview of novel?

In a world, where people live on Mars, Earth, and Luna, the earth has fallen. Society has broken down to the point that no one likes it there, except one girl. One girl on Mars. She has fallen in love with the oceans, animals, and more of “The Golden Year.” A time thought to be the best years on Earth.

Before they moved off of it.

Now, the planet is in need of her assistance to help Prince Conrad remove his uncle from the throne. BUt, can they do it when he has eyes everywhere? Can Larissa Jonas help Prince Conrad with his neverending battle between him and King Redbird?


Hey, sorry. I know this is a little cheeky, but I’ve been writing lately and I think I have something good here. I was DEEPLY inspired by Sailor MOon and The Lunar Chronicles. I’m still working out the rough edges, but it’s hard to do that when I have homework, class, and work itself.

Next term, I will be taking a fiction writing class, though, so that should be fun.

I was thinking about doing blogtober, but I got lazy and decided not to. :p Other than writing, nothing has really changed from my usual days. I hope to get a really cool post out soon, I swear!!



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Don’t Know What To Post? |Life Adventures

Hey, how’s it going?

I can’t think of anything to blog about. May as well, just ramble on about life.

I start school on the 25th, so that’s fun. I ordered my school books pretty late. So far, I have received 1 out of four.

I really want to push good quality content for you guys, so what I’ve been doing lately is revamping my Patreon. I have different rewards now, they might sway people more now. I think doing another collab with someone would be really cool.

I have been posting on my Youtube channel. Obviously, I’m awkward on camera still, but I hope you subscribe to make me feel more comfortable! 🙂

Tell me what you guys want to read/watch! I want to feel more successful on the internet. I’ve just been feeling like this’ll go nowhere, I’ll give up in a couple months because I’ve felt useless like no blogger wants me around, or I’m just not producing good enough content for my followers to read.

Anyways. Still don’t know what I want to post anymore. Might go on a small hiatus, but that won’t do me any good, because I WANT to post, but can’t think of any good ideas for you guys.

Sadness set aside, I hope you guys have an amazing day, good luck out there in the world.


Hobby it up!| Discussion time!

Hey, guys. I had the idea of having a discussion topic every week. This weeks topic is Hobbies. The talking part will consist of me talking about what I like to do and you guys can comment about what you like to do.


I have a lot of hobbies now that I’m thinking about it. I like to play any type of games. Board, card, video. My most favorite games (from each category) are Clue, Monopoly, Ulitmate Werewolf, Salem, The Game Of Things, The Sims series, Stardew Valley, and Don’t Starve.

I like to read and write. I want to become an author and I’m going to college for a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing. Some of my favorite books/book series is The Lunar Chronicles, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Wicked Game, Final Scream, and the entire Bone series.

If collecting stationary is a hobby, then sign me up. Same thing with stuffed animals. I do like gardening, photography, and collecting stickers.

Since I’m out of hobbies, I think I might be done.

Tell me your hobbies in the comments!!