Changing For The Better.

Changing what you want to do is never really fun. Either you're changing because you want to or you change because you have to. This may come as a shock for some I don't like my content. I felt like I'm whiny or trying to get pity points from you guys. I'm not really a 'beauty' [...]


Updates and Stuff

Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm updating my Patreon page because it sucks! lol I have some things in mind to create better content for you guys. Maybe I'll do more book reviews, maybe I'll do some DIY. The world may never know. In other news! My Patreon page sucks [...]

Games I Play

I'm bad at blogging oh my god. HI, HELLO. I EXIST So, I like games. Board, card, video. Pretty much all of them. I'll start off with board games and see what happens after that 🙂 Board Games Monopoly It's a classic, I mean, come on. I really only like Monopoly, because I am kind [...]