A Year In Review: 2017

Last year, I wasn’t a serious blogger, I was just spewing unwanted emotions to whoever would listen. This year, I wanted to become better for my readers. Now, I have content that I enjoy writing, I produce quickly, and that people enjoy. I have made many mistakes this past year, and I do feel bad for them and I want to grow past them. I’m not that person, anymore.

So, let’s get to the actual review part.

From what I remember, I was in an okay place in the beginning of the year. Nothing bad really happened, until May. May was one of the worst months of my life. Friends of mine found my blog and now I’m not friends with them hehe.

After May, I had a job, I graduated, I was happy with my friends. Once September came around, I started college and I moved in with my boyfriend.

 I guess now we’re up to speed to where we are now: the fall/winter?

I got good grades in all my classes, so I’m excited to see what happens next term. My next classes start on the 8th. Earlier in the month I decided to actually get my own blog plan, if I can afford it, so traffic is great right now lol. 

Work wise, I need a new job. I’m not getting enough hours to pay my bills. I’ve been applying to places, but I just need to look again and try my best. 

Now, I’m just living life the best I can. 

I hope this incoming January will bring new goals, new jokes, and more great things in my life ❤️

Peace out✌️

5 Ways to Better your Mind

Everyone has those days of hating themselves or reluctant to do/try anything new. Although, these things are good for you to try. Go out there and try new things, have fun with your friends. That’s why I’m going to tell you about 5 ways to better your mind (roll credits)

1. Pep Talks

If you are having one of the days where you say that you can’t do whatever it was, try shaking yourself up with a pep talk. Look into a mirror and say “I can do this. I’m the best at this. No one can hold me back now!” Don’t laugh at yourself or call it dumb afterward! You’ll just be back where you started

2. Spa days!

Odds are you can go to your local store and buy a couple face masks. Or, you can be cheap and create your own! Get someone to give you a massage, or pop your back just to get your mind off those stressful things.

3. Talk about it

I know talking can be stressful for some, but it really helps to just talk to a friend about that one class that just stresses you out or that fight that you had with your other friend.

 4. Do what makes you happy

Immerse yourself in a book, or even a game. Maybe watch a movie or take a nap. Play with your dog or cat. Go shopping, garden. Do whatever makes you feel happy to feel better.

5. Have fun

This may sound very similar to the last point, but literally. Go have fun. Go see a movie, or eat lunch with your friends. Go bowling, go to the arcade, or just walk around town. It’s that easy to have fun.

Those were 5 ways to better your mind, there are so many other ways out there in the universe, try to find some more 🙂



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Oh, how time flies by so fast. Yesterday, I was going to meet up with my friends, and now it feels like I’m paying for bills with little to no money. I am fresh out of high school with a job that pays minimum wage. For once in my life, I’m happier than I was the day before. Today, I have to work because the shop officially opens up tomorrow and I’m ecstatic. Yeah, I’m stressed out that I need to memorize 24 sandwiches, but I can do it. I’ll be working in a fast-paced sandwich shop with many high schoolers being my coworkers, and in the fall when I start my classes, I’ll be making sandwiches for a bunch of high schoolers.

I can do it, though. I’m not afraid. My anxiety hasn’t come near me. I’ve legitimately been feeling happier and I love it.

Next thing you know, I’ll be moving out to rent my own space.

See ya later, alligator.