New in April!

New in April!

New month new content! I know I had a content crisis last month, but I've worked it out! I'm going to stick with my plan and see how it goes! Since it's a new month, I want to try and branch out. Break out of my cocoon full of comfort. I want to spread my [...]


A Lookback of March

This month was eventful for me. March was tough on my health. There was family stuff, friend stuff, and financial stuff. Ah yes. The 3 f's people either love or hate. I guess we should start with my personal life, shall we? My Life I'll make this short and sweet so I don't bum anyone [...]

Blog Content Crisis

I might be having a crisis of what I want to post. I have ideas and things that would be good. I guess I can't trust myself fully? I guess what I'm trying to say that I want to change my content every month but I have a feeling that I would be losing some [...]

Why I Love Books

Why I Love Books

Hey guys! I'm back with another post about my history! As the title states... I'm going to be telling you why I love books!! My mom was the person to get me into reading. She read herself to sleep every night before getting married to my dad. Once she had my sister and me, she [...]

New In March!

Hey, my dudes!(guess what your new name is lol) It's time for an update post on what I'm doing behind the scenes. I have some ideas on what I want to do, but they aren't fully-formed yet, so we'll see. As the months change, I want to change what I post for you guys. It'll [...]

Valentine’s Day Q&A

Happy Valentine's day! I hope you spread your love to your loved ones and even yourself needs love and attention! Go out to eat, play some games, or just cozy up underneath a blanket and enjoy the ride! As the title states, I'll be doing a Q&A. Nothing too extreme, I just googled some questions [...]

Struggles and Strengths #1

Hey, guys! I would love to introduce you to... Different Content!! Now, I'm still doing my Life Adventures and my writing, but I want to do something else... I want to share with everyone the struggles and strengths of different things. Like this one. This one's about blogging! Everyone has different S&S, so I'm only going [...]

Life ‘n Stuff

Hey, guys. My life has been uneventful lately. I've been avoiding my homework and really only watching youtube videos, which is NOT GOOD AT ALL lol. I want to get going on my new year's resolutions because everyone starts theirs in January and they usually fail. So, I figured may as well start it in [...]