The Big Ones: Poverty Pt .1

Sorry for the late post, I went on vacation for the holiday! I forgot to schedule it to go up while I was gone, so here I am. Looking back, I have led a long life just in my short span of 20 years.  Most of my life has been fairly rough. To the point [...]


Looking Back: A Year Ago

Last year, I was different. This time specifically, I was dealing with blog and friend drama. A year has come and gone and I would love to analyze how I am compared to 2017. Let's begin 2017- A Year of Shit. Money In the beginning of the year (Jan-April) I was broker than a broken [...]

Why I Changed.

Why I Changed.

There can be many reasons why I left for a while. I love blogging and I love what person it has made me become. I just can't stick to one thing for a long time. I tried being so many different blogging niches. Lifestyle, DIY, book, and even writing. They all didn't feel good. In [...]

New in April!

New in April!

New month new content! I know I had a content crisis last month, but I've worked it out! I'm going to stick with my plan and see how it goes! Since it's a new month, I want to try and branch out. Break out of my cocoon full of comfort. I want to spread my [...]

A Lookback of March

This month was eventful for me. March was tough on my health. There was family stuff, friend stuff, and financial stuff. Ah yes. The 3 f's people either love or hate. I guess we should start with my personal life, shall we? My Life I'll make this short and sweet so I don't bum anyone [...]

Blog Content Crisis

I might be having a crisis of what I want to post. I have ideas and things that would be good. I guess I can't trust myself fully? I guess what I'm trying to say that I want to change my content every month but I have a feeling that I would be losing some [...]