A Berlin Mystery

I hope you enjoy my German homework from high school. I had to write a short story about a detective. I translated it from German and edited the English. Also, I might post a Q&A so give me questions! ūüôā

It was a cold and stormy night in Berlin. The trees were pushed by rain and wind. Detective Harper Kit wore a wool sweater to keep warm from the cold. Karl, her intern, went after a pile of gunk. “I think there’s a body in this,” said Karl.
They went to the pile. They removed the leaves from the pile. “That’s a body, alright.” Kit said. “I’ll call the commissioner.”
“Her identification card was in a¬†wallet.” Karl spoke. “Her name is Veronika Kleinbach, she is twenty-seven years old and she lives in Austria.” “So, why was she in Berlin?” “She could be on vacation.” The intern spoke. “Was she married?” “No clue. She had no pictures in her wallet. “” Has anyone said she’s missing? ” ” Yes, an old lady in town. She said she was her grandmother. ” ” Call her. See what she has to say. ” Kit said as she walked out of the room.
Karl drove to the old lady’s house. He knocked on the door. When she opened the door, a cat ran out. “I’m sorry, come in, please.” He went into the house. “What’s your name?” “Carlotte Nemfi.” “So, Veronika was your granddaughter?” “Yes, she came to stay with me as she had to come for work.” “Do you know why she came here?” “She said business purposes, but she owns a bakery, so I do not understand why she came here.” “Do you know if she comes here to see someone?” “Well, she met a man when she came here, which was last month.” “Did she tell you his name?” “Oskar Brimtic”.
Detective Kit and Karl went to Oskar’s apartment. Kit knocked, but nobody answered. “Karl, smash the door.” Got it.” Karl stepped back and slammed his body against the door. It burst into the apartment. The two of them walked in as they found a body lying on the floor. “Is that him?” Asked Karl. “No, that’s looks to be his roommate, Fredrick Jones, he’s from America.” “I’m going to get a blood sample, it looks like he ate something.” Said Karl. “It looks like we have a cannibal in our hands, but Veronika was not eaten.” “Maybe he could not eat her yet.” “Oskar, are you here, my partner and I have to talk to you?” Kit said as she walked around the apartment. “I’m just so hungry.” A weak voice came from a bedroom. “We’re not here for him, we’re here for Veronika Kleinbach, do you know what happened to her?” “Fred killed her because she and I planned to sell his meat in her bakery.” He opened the door to his room. “I could not wait for her to come, but he killed her before she could kill him, I’m just so hungry.” He said as he stretched out his hands far enough for her to overthrow him. “Karl, I have him.” She said as she cuffed the crying Oskar. “I don’t care what you do to me, I just want to be alone.” Oscar said softly. “You will, Sweety, you will.” The three went out of the apartment. “Boss, did he eat Fredrick?” “Yes, Fredrick killed Veronika.” They said as she opened the door for Oskar. “Whoa.” “Get used to it, kid.” They got into the car and drove to the station.


My Murder Mystery Party

My Murder Mystery Party

I told you guys I would¬†post on my friend’s party! I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to, but I’ll still tell you guys the story of the night… (I’ll be using the names people used last night)

As soon as everyone got to her house, Rose told everyone house/game rules, and then everyone introduced themselves. I’ll be going in order of the introductions.

Lita Winter began first. She was a time traveler from the year 2000 coming to the Victorian party with her dog, Shnazzleberry.

Gregory Jones was next. He was a businessman from New York. He sold the business.

Next would be Captain Derry. He was a pirate (That’s all I remember from their bio)

After Captain, Adrian the Businessman told us about his deal with Gregory.

Anim the orphan was next.

Then, a spooky with named Madame told us about herself.

After that, Lita’s dog told their story of being a sadistic killer for food.

The detective Steven then told us about himself.

Lastly, the Seer, Chloe told us our fortunes.

I was Lita Winters. A time traveler from 2000 with my pet dog. We were determined to find the killer.

Well, the FIRST game didn’t go as planned. It was doing well until we started playing Salem. Turns out Steven the detective was the killer. The next game got VERY intense.

When it comes to playing Salem, I get very fired up. I’m not a sore loser, I’m just angry when sore winners win. So, when they won, I was fired up. I had known who it was since the beginning of the second game. It was Anim and Shnazzleberry. It was just obvious to me. Steven had figured it out pretty quick too. But we all got so tired and we were just stressed out that we ended it. In the end, it was an okay night. I was just stressed for most of it lol.

It was a 6.3/10 lol



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