Laying in bed: A Poem

Here I am

In my cozy bed

All writhed up around the blanket

Yearning for those couple more minutes.

And yet I feel a sensation

One that never brings joy

I must urinate

And leave my warm destiny.

Oh gosh oh golly

Make this go away

I stayed up all night and am tired

Why am I a fool.

This is getting worse

It is out of hand.

My legs are shaking gently

To show that I love this bed.

Oh goddammit. I’ll get up.

I’ll leave my comfy prison.

And sit on a porcelain throne

That will leave my body frozen from it being so cold.

Once I finish I will leave and walk back.

But wait

Here’s a thought

I can get coffee

And crawl back into bed!


In the Passing of my Late Great- grandmother, Lucia

In your eyes, I see my future.

In my eyes, you saw your past.

Your past formed my present, my present that could have been different.

I could have been different.

You fought for your rights, your place, your home.

Your fight has changed my past, present, future.

Your legacy will continue with me and my family around me.

Cousins, sibling, more.

They will remember you

until there is nothing left.

I will hear your cries

to change my future.

To form it in your image.