Laying in bed: A Poem

Laying in bed: A Poem

Here I am In my cozy bed All writhed up around the blanket Yearning for those couple more minutes. And yet I feel a sensation One that never brings joy I must urinate And leave my warm destiny. Oh gosh oh golly Make this go away I stayed up all night and am tired Why [...]


Writing Wednesday!

Welcome to the first writing Wednesday, guys! I know how many of you love how I write, so I dedicated a full (post) day to you guys! Every Wednesday, I will be writing, giving tips or tricks, or anything you guys request! Since today is the first post of it, I will be writing a [...]


As I sit down to write this, I think What could go wrong? There isn't a reason why I'm writing this, I just am. Yet, I feel there is something hidden, deep down. Deep enough for me to realize that it's still there. That built up hatred is here. I take a deep breath and sigh. [...]


crunch I hear the leaves under my feet as I walk towards an old tree. crunch My hand reaches the tree trunk. I scrape moss off the tree. crunch crunch crunch My hand bleeds while something bites at me. My hand is gone as it falls to the floor. crunch crunch crunch My legs bleed [...]