Starting Classes Again|| Life Adventures

Hey, all! I’m back with a happy post!

I started classes again and I want to die. It could be worse, though. I have 2 online classes (Cultural Anthropology and Music Appreciation) and 2 physical classes (Editing and Publishing and Mental Health). I am SUPER excited for my classes(less on the anthropology because UGH).

In my editing and publishing class, we actually publish a Literary Journal! Isn’t that exciting! I honestly can’t wait for it to happen.

I know I’ve been lacking in the posting (it took me 3 days to write this post), I guess I’ve been busy, or just lazy. With the new year, I will be implementing a schedule for 3 times a week (depending on whether I can actually do that or not lol). I probably am doing posts like these either every week or every few weeks. I do have things in mind, though.

I hope you guys have fun! Enjoy! Support me!

Peace out