Top 5 Manga

  • Sailor Moon- One of the first Magical girl manga 100% RECOMMEND EVERYONE
  • The Wallflower- Four pretty boys fix an ugly girl
  • Noragami- Meet Yato, a stray God, who saved a girl.
  • Azumanga Daioh- Slice of life about middle/ high schoolers (I can’t remember which one)
  • Laid Back Camp- Wanna go camping?

Hi everyone!

Similar to my other top 5 post, I’ll be keeping this short, sweet, and straight to the point. I’ll give you a short synopsis about each one.

I absolutely love manga and anime. For over a year now, my best friends and I have had an anime night every Thursday- but we’ll have to cancel it soon, due to one of them moving an hour away. Instead we’ll have one night a month.




Why I Love Sailor Moon

Ever since I was young, I can remember loving Sailor Moon. Considering I have an older sister who was watching it on TV when I was a baby, I was bound to love it too. I idolized my sister, so of course, I would.

I forgot about Sailor Moon as I grew up, though. The only thing that we had of merch was Sailor Moon R: Promise of The Rose. The movie rental place in my town (Hollywood Video bitches) had the other two movies that my parents let us rent all the time, so we were content.

It wasn’t until I met my friends that I have now, where I remembered about Sailor Moon. My friends are what you would call “weeaboos”, but they aren’t though. We all love the Japanese culture, food, and leisure activities.

Once I started new friendships, I watched all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon instead of doing my homework. At the time, it was a mistake. Looking back though, I really didn’t need to do that pre-algebra anyways even though I was failing the class at least I’m good at math now yay.

Now, I’m pretty much obsessed with Sailor Moon. I want my first tattoo to be a tribute to Sailor Jupiter. I’m planning on never ending my love of the show.

There should be a new part of Sailor Moon Crystal coming out later this year. Pretty pumped about that lol.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my story of Sailor Moon! Look forward to a post next week!

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Peace ✌️