Dredlock Court: Night 5 and Day 6

“Werewolf, wake up. You might take this game. I have no clue what your strategy is, but it looks like it’s working. Who do you wish to kill?” The werewolf points. “Okay. I don’t see how that can really affect your plan, but whatever. Go to sleep.” DAY 6 “Okay, you guys can wake up.” … Continue reading Dredlock Court: Night 5 and Day 6

Dreadlock Court: Day 5

“Sadly, my prediction was correct. Because Lorelai called Sam out, the other werewolf did eat her alive, because she found out who the other werewolf was.” People gasp. “I did, I did. But because they killed me before i could say, you can never know, unless you find them or you DIE by them. “Tanner’s … Continue reading Dreadlock Court: Day 5

Dredlock Court: Night 4

“Werewolf, was my prediction correct?” The werewolf nods. “‘Kay. Go to sleep. Seer, who do you want to see?” The Seer points. Trina nods. The Seer gets excited. “Go to sleep.” Suddenly, the lights flicker. The dead and Trina begin to freak out. “What’s happening?” Harper yells. The lights flicker back on. “Nothing. The lights … Continue reading Dredlock Court: Night 4

Dredlock Court: Day 4

“No one died last night. The werewolves were too occupied being angry at each other after what happened before.” Trina says with a sigh as she sits down, trying not to let anyone look at her pad. “Well, good news, everyone. I’m the Seer and I saw SAM last night. He’s a werewolf!” Lorelai speaks … Continue reading Dredlock Court: Day 4

Dredlock Court: Night 3

“Alright.” Trina says with anger in her tone. “Werewolves wake up. Who do you want to kill?” The werewolves don’t do anything. One of them shakes their head. “Really? Are you sure after what happen just seconds ago?”  They nod their head. “Alright. Go back to sleep. Seer wake up. Who do you think it … Continue reading Dredlock Court: Night 3

Dredlock Court: Day 3

"Town, wake up." Trina says. Everyone looks around, unsettled at the thought of what just happened above them. "Last night, a couple of angry wolves ran up into town and smelled some nice Lamb-." "You have to be kidding me." Caitlin says quietly. "They ran up to Caitlin's barn while she was in their, feeding … Continue reading Dredlock Court: Day 3

Dredlock Court: Night 2

"Alright, everyone, go to sleep." Trina says as everyone closes their eyes. "Werewolves, wake up. Who do you wish to kill?" They point to someone. "Okay, go to sleep." They close their eyes. 'Seer, wake up." The Seer wakes up. "Who do you think it is?" The Seer points to someone. Trina shakes her head. … Continue reading Dredlock Court: Night 2