Dredlock Court: Day 2

"So, everyone wake up." They all open their eyes. "Last night, a tragedy happened." She walks over to Dublin's chair. "Dublin was in this very house, snacking on some chips with Denver, and the lights in the basement suddenly went out. Denver screamed and screamed for Dublin, but he never answered. When the lights came … Continue reading Dredlock Court: Day 2

Dredlock Court: Night 1

"Alright, let's begin." Everyone closes their eyes. "Werewolves, wake up and look for your partner, then chose to kill someone." They point to someone. "Good. Go to sleep. "Seer wake up. Who do you think it is?" They point to someone. She shakes her head no. The seer goes back to sleep. "Old hag, wake … Continue reading Dredlock Court: Night 1