Struggles and Strengths #1

Hey, guys! I would love to introduce you to…

Different Content!!

Now, I’m still doing my Life Adventures and my writing, but I want to do something else…

I want to share with everyone the struggles and strengths of different things. Like this one. This one’s about blogging! Everyone has different S&S, so I’m only going to talk about popular ones, and my own.

So, let’s get on with it!!


Some struggles I deal with is pumping out content for you guys. I’m a full-time student with a part-time job with full-time life issues. Sometimes, I’m really not in the mood to rush a post that I need some time writing about.

Another one is the goddamn stats. I WANT to be a full-time blogger. Yes, I want to make money off my posts, but I enjoy what I’m doing while I’m doing it. I don’t want to work a job I despise going to. I want to be with you guys 🙂

And the final issue for me is coming out of the blogging closet. Only my boyfriend, some of my close friends, my parents, and my sister know about my blog. I desperately want to tell others, but I’m terrified of my past. In the beginning of my blog, I ranted about people I didn’t like. Well, almost a year ago, those people found the posts. I don’t want them to tell people what I did in the past because they’re holding a dead grudge.


Onto the strengths!

One HUUUGE strength of mine is opening up to people. I am one of those people who cry when they say someone is irritating them. Since I have started blogging, I have been a lot happier. I have just started to talk about my feelings more with my boyfriend, and it feels good to get built up anger off my chest and shoulders. Bottling up your feelings is unhealthy.

Another big strength is my self-confidence/esteem. I feel a lot better about how I am around people. Since I started blogging, my self- image, esteem, confidence, and worth have ALL gone up because I feel more comfortable here. It’s as if I were made to create this blog. I’ve always been a bubbly, funny person. I guess I was kind of made for this 🙂

Well, that’s really all I can think of right now, personally. If you want to tell me yours, write a comment below!

Support me!

Peace out