Locked In A Room||Escape During The Night

You wake up in the attic with punding on the door. You run up to the door, half awake. “Dakota! It’s me. I have food for you.” Panther whispers. You open the door and she greets you with a smile. “Good morning, sleepyhead. Jeez, it’s freezing in here. Why didn’t you turn the heater on?” She walks past you and enters the attic. She sits in an old chair. “So, when are we escaping?” She asks impatiently. “Whenever, I guess. You three have to get your stuff together, and then we can go.” “Okay, then I’ll tell the kids that we’re leaving tonight. I have a horse and carriage that we can take to your home. Then the kids and I will be safe and free from my evil parents.” “Cool, we escape tonight.”

The night comes around. Panther and her children tell you that their stuff is in the carriage and they’re ready to go. “Let’s head out.” You say. “Come on, kids. Let’s go to our new home, where you two can grow up with as many friends as possible.” Panther says as she helps the kids into the carriage. All of a sudden, the front doors of the mansion slam open. “Reine! What on earth are you doing?” An older lady ran out. “I’m leaving, mother! I can’t deal with this anymore. I’m taking the children away from you and father!” “You can’t do this to us! Think of the prophecy! You have to believe me! It’s for the better.” The woman grabs Panther’s arm. “No.” Panther pulls her arm away and hops into the carriage. She closes the door to the carriage as you hop onto the rider seat. “please, sir. You can’t take them away. Sabine is supposed to fulfill a prophecy when she’s 13. If we protect the children and make Rein stay away, she will be successful.” The older lady has a deep concern on her face.

What do you do? Leave them here, or take them with you?