A Lookback of March

This month was eventful for me. March was tough on my health.

There was family stuff, friend stuff, and financial stuff.

Ah yes. The 3 f’s people either love or hate.

I guess we should start with my personal life, shall we?

My Life

I’ll make this short and sweet so I don’t bum anyone out. My parent’s marriage has never been the strongest, and life has really taken a toll on them. Let’s just say that the day of this post going up, I’ll be talking to my parents and my sister about their marriage.

My friends matter too! Through this month, this has been okay up until this week. This week was Spring Break. Gage and I made plans months ago that we were going to Eugene and seeing some of the city with our friend who lived there.  Sera would be watching Bean for us. Everything was fine with that. Throughout our stay down there, no one wanted to hang out with Sera. Elaina was invited to hang out with Sera’s friend from high school. Sera didn’t like that. They got into a petty-fight and others were involved (they didn’t need to be). Now, they currently aren’t talking from what I’ve heard.

Financially this month was a shitshow. I lost my job in the single digit days. For no reason, I might add. My manager didn’t like me and took me off the schedule. Technically it’s illegal to do, but I don’t care that much. So for most of March, I had no money, barely enough to pay my phone bill. But it’s okay, now. I got a better job, with a higher pay and more hours. How amazing is this? All I have to do is bag groceries.

Now I guess we can move onto the blog’s life!

The Blog

This month for the blog was eventful, but with little events.

I started an experiment. It wasn’t bad, but it worked out… sort of. I decided to go on a different path every month. Whether it be a writing month or a gaming month. The content was different every month. For a while, it was fun, but then it got a little tedious. So, I have next month planned. Let’s see where it takes us.

Another big thing that happened this month was me starting to get my content out there via Adwords. I’m a tiny blogger so I couldn’t do what I wanted yet. I want to get my words out there. So, I have one ad circulating around. I’ve been feeling great about all of the views I’m getting. I know a ton of people say that ‘blogging isn’t about the stats’, but it really is. I love blogging and I wish I could do it full time, so I want to produce quality content for you guys.

Well, that ends how March went for me. How did it go for you guys? Let me know in the comments!