Where I want this to go

Hello, all!!

This week’s song of the week is Cool Patrol by Ninja Sex Party 😀

So, I have plans to grow this blog for many years to come, but I also want more things. Not like I’m greedy or anything lol. I just feel like I can expand my brain to other places.

I want to eventually start a Youtube channel. I am still not sure about some things, but I should be getting it up at the latest, September or so.

The reason why I’m telling you guys this early is so you can expect more information about it later on so I can set myself up to be successful.

It’s called LemonTree. It’s the same icon as my cute little lemon tree.

You can look it up, but you won’t find anything :p

Alrighty, I should go.

See ya later, Alligator!!!!!